Centering, Grounding & Shielding Meditation


To Shield and protect your energy field:

Visualize intently and affirm:

“White light surrounds and protects me. Violet light surrounds and protects me. Golden light surrounds and protects me. (You can also add here: I feel only my own feelings and emotions. I absorb only the highest vibrations of love and light.)I am safe and protected. My energy is sheilded.”

To center and ground:

Visualize intently and affirm:

“My centering cord of white light comes down from the sky….. Entering in through my crown chakra… Centering me as it slowly moves down through my third eye… throat… heart center… solar plexus… sacral… and root chakra…. Bringing all centers into alignment as it moves down through my hips… thighs… knees… shins and calves… ankles and feet…… I feel the bottoms of my feet begin to grow roots like a tree….. Burrowing deep into the Earth… growing deeper and stronger… fanning out wider in all directions as they support me… hold me up… and ground me safely into my body. I am present…. I am conscious…I am grounded and centered.”

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