Cleansing, Fasting & Detoxification

My September 2013 Cleanse

Hi family! With so many people asking the details and protocol of the cleanse I have been doing, I thought it would make the most sense to just put it all in one place. First of all, I feel its very important for me to say that everyone’s bodies are very different and have different needs and thresholds. My experiences with cleansing and detoxification began in 2010 and it has been a beautiful journey of coming into enough intimacy with myself to be able to listen within and trust the wisdom of my body. So please, if this is your first time cleansing, please educate yourself thoroughly and be gentle with yourself as well!

The cleanse I have been doing is a fusion (like most processes I prefer) of many different cleanses. I am not recommending or advising anyone, I am simply sharing my perspective and what works for me 🙂
I start off in the morning with a strong Noni juice made with pineapple and lots of aloe (we get the fresh noni fruit here but a concentrate is great too!)
I am taking Arise & Shine cleansing herbs (3 of each in the morning about 30+ minutes after my noni juice and then 3 of each again in the evening) Then waiting another 30 minutes or an hour and taking a shake made of Psyllium husk and Bentonite Clay (Also from Arise & Shine) If you go to their website, you can download their “Cleansing Guides” for free to get a feel of the exact protocol and the descriptions of all the herbs.
The Bentonite Clay draws toxins, heavy metals and parasites out of your entire system and binds them. The psyllium husk helps eliminate everything smoothly.

All throughout the day I drink the “Master Cleanse” lemonade which is water, lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. I also like to add some ginger to it as well. It is also super important to drink as much water during the day as humanly possible in between lemonades and juices. I also drink a mango/passion fruit/pineapple/apple/whatever juice once or twice in the day if I want too. I really just listen to what my body is asking for when it comes to the juices. Mid day is also the time where I take some super green supplements.
At night I make a broth with just a bunch of vegetables and TONS of fresh herbs with a little pink salt. I like to use loads of garlic and ginger and turmeric and use it as a medicine as well. We have also added some blended but very thin soups towards the end of our cleanse too like a pumpkin puree soup. Blended smoothies and soups will slow down the detoxification process. So if you really want to go as deep as possible, its best to stick to pure liquids. Before bed I drink a strong laxative of Senna tea and take some probiotics.

On day 10 (which is tomorrow as of right now) I will do a liver flush in the evening. A good website to describe this protocol is here:
I am very sensitive so I will be taking a very small amount of epsom salts to make it as gentle as possible. In other cycles in my life, I would take the full warrior dose.. But again, this is all about being in harmony with our own rhythms, and honoring what resonates.

Other than that, I am resting all day, doing some yoga, embracing all the feelings that come up and letting it all go with love. Originally I planned on doing it for 10 days but now I am going to go for another 4 days to make it 2 whole weeks. It’s amazing how in the beginning you wonder if you will make it through even half of it and by the end, you want to keep going because you feel so amazing!

I do recommend getting massages and energy work during your cleanses to keep the energy moving. It’s definitely a time of rest and receiving for me 🙂

A note about colonic hydrotherapy:
If you are in an area of the world where this therapy is offered, it is irreplaceable and absolutely the most powerful and efficient way to detox and cleanse on the planet! If you do not have access to it, of course you can do a cleanse without it, but here’s the thing; if you take strong herbs and supplements to start detoxifying all your organs, tissues etc, all of those toxins flood your system and get dumped into your blood stream. If your colon is not clear enough to eliminate all that is coming out (and usually, it’s not) then you can become constipated and your body reabsorbs the toxins and you can get really sick. This is why you want to be careful and not overwhelm your system by just “winging it” when it comes to super powerful herbal medicines and parasites. So with a series of colonics, you can make sure you are properly eliminating all of the waste you are stirring up and not to mention all of the parasites that you are uprooting from your tissues. Also, when detoxing rapidly, you usually have a lot of diarrhea. So you can either run to the bathroom off an on all day or you can have literally pounds of old shit cleaned out with a colonic in 45 minutes. Efficient and very satisfying, especially if you are into instant gratification. I had 3 colonics a week for 6 months and 1 a week for a year after that. I started right after I was diagnosed with brain cancer and within 6 months it was almost completely gone. I am a huge believer. Here are the websites of my Hydro therapist in California: and
Her name is Angela Burleson. She is an incredibly powerful and gifted healer and one of my dearest sisters. She has tons of great information and resources on her website. If you are ever in California and have a chance to go see her, it will change your life. She is truly the best in the world at what she does.

So this is my process. I hope this is helpful! Let me know how your own cleanses are going. Much love and gratitude to all of you ❤

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  1. Hi. Nice article!
    Where in the world can i find colonic hydrotherapy?

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