New cycle

Ive been 33 for a day now and it already feels like my favorite year ever. This last year was the most powerful and beautiful of my life so far and I am so excited for all the magic that is brewing within me. I experienced so many new things that rewired me on fundamental levels. I faced my fears and met my dark side. I welcomed her home and began the process of true shadow integration. I evolved out of survival mode and fully reclaimed my body. I explored shibari, bdsm, dominance, submission and kink for the first time and it changed my life forever. I severed with countless people. I re-connected with some of the most epic soulmates I could imagine and have found true sisterhood. I fell in and out of love with someone and then in love with someone else. For the first time ever, I am with a man that relaxes me. To say the least, he makes everything feel so easy and time disappears. He heals me with his deep stillness and long silences. I melt into my feminine softness in his presence. So. In. Love.
I adopted a mama dog and raised her 6 puppies with her. I was her adoring midwife for both her birth and for her death. I quit smoking tobacco after a torrid romance of seven years with cigarettes. It’s been almost a month now and I can’t believe the breakthroughs I have experienced on all levels. Just went through a massive detox and I feel a clarity and confidence that is beyond anything I have experienced so far. Feels like a new world and I can literally feel my body healing by the moment. It’s wild to feel myself come fully alive again. This year is also my ten year anniversary of healing from malignant brain cancer and I am THRIVING xxx I’ve never enjoyed being alive more than I do right now.
I feel free and fully myself after years of exploration and painful processing. In love with all aspects of myself Dark and Light. I feel safe and supported. Empowered and liberated. Fierce and gentle. Erotic and inspired. Shameless and joyful. I feel full of love, magic and sex. Living in paradise surrounded by beauty and the animals I love so much. Grateful to the mysterious nature of Life. Grateful for all that she gives and all that she takes away. There is so much that I want to share but for now I just want to express my gratitude for absolutely every fucking thing I have ever experienced. Thank you to all of you who journey with me – i love you and appreciate you beyond words! I feel so lucky to be loved by all of you legends xx let’s celebrate every day of this life and bless every experience we have.
I am planning so many offerings to share this next year from retreats and courses to books and videos. Stay tuned

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