The magic of home brewed kombucha

I want to start sharing some of my protocols and the perspectives behind them for those asking for more information on how I healed myself from brain cancer 🙏

Homemade kombucha is one of the most powerful medicines on earth. While buying it is of course better than nothing- let me explain the logic and magic behind why brewing your own is much more powerful than buying your kombucha from a brewer. (Especially if you are in a health crisis)

When a child is nursing, the mother’s areola absorbs the babies saliva and receives a “reading” for deficiencies. She then naturally creates adjustments in her breast milk according to what the baby is needing and this communion and adjustment are a constant occurrence. The mother is making custom medicine that continually changes and adapts to what baby is needing, as her needs change.

When we saturate vegetable seeds with our saliva before we plant them in the earth, the seeds absorb it and read our DNA – that’s right – for deficiencies! The plants then grow according to our personal and specific needs. Having even a small lettuce garden is enough to make a huge difference.

When you grow a kombucha scoby – you are growing a live and intelligent mushroom. The scoby creates itself from its environment – pulling bacteria from the atmosphere around it and reading the information. So when you are caring for your scoby adding more tea to it and touching it with your hands – it is reading your body and creating itself according to your specific needs. I also talk to mine and feel without a doubt that we are psychically connected and that she is like a wise medicine woman that is watching over me and brewing this potion that is meant specifically for me.

Nature is the most powerful technology. We have become sick as a society because we have forgotten natural law and the inherent magic within our bodies. We have forgotten that our natural ability to heal is activated by communion with nature and with eachother and that all illness is only a symptom of that disconnection. The remedy is connection, LOVE, bacteria and trusting in the wisdom of our bodies. Nature has the cure.

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