You are the medicine

I’ve turned on my regeneration switch and stopped aging by restoring my micro biome. My sun spots are disappearing, my energy levels are through the roof and the most recent dramatic shift is my TEETH ARE REPAIRING THEMSELVES. I was put on Dilantin anti seizure medication ten years ago when I discovered a massive brain tumor that was causing grand mal seizures. Within only 3 months I had a large grey hole in one of my front teeth near the gum line. (This prompted the unauthorized weaning off of this medication – if it was able to do that to my teeth, what was it doing to my soft insides?!) It had only gotten deeper and darker over this time until last year when I returned to right relationship with bacteria. The cavity was deep and I could feel the exposed nerve with my fingernail and it was very sensitive to heat and cold.

Now it is sealed. Completely sealed. I cannot feel any sensitivity and it’s getting whiter and whiter and more solid every week. Extremely high doses of probiotics via homemade kombucha, lots of contact with germs and dirty animals and other people. No more pharmaceuticals. No more antibacterial anything – I only wash my hands with a natural soap when cooking or after I use the bathroom. And most importantly- doing the emotional healing work so that I have full utilization of all my life force towards regeneration as opposed to it being tied up in resisting pain and repressing shadows.

We ARE the ultimate, most miraculous, sacred technology. We can heal ourselves from anything when we understand why we get sick in the first place and how we heal. Get in touch with me for a session if you are ready to reclaim your health and thrive emotionally by returning to yourself and returning to nature ❤️ I have openings next week

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