Shadow Work

All paths of sincere healing and empowerment lead you to your own wisdom and to the uniting of the wills. The cultivation of a deep intimacy with the parts of you that youve had to abandon in order to survive is the journey home to yourself. We all have protective mechanisms in place that were necessary for coping with life. These were very important for a state of survival during childhood but are now severely crippling your ability to govern yourself, navigate life’s intensities and thrive in all realms.

I specialize in helping you to disarm these outdated protections and re-frame your perspectives. This re-framing helps you to sincerely validate your pain and start to dissolve it. I help you to cultivate the ability to give to yourself all that you would like to receive from others and to meet the needs that still go unmet. You become the Sovereign Source unto yourself. Through seeing life as an initiation, we begin to see the medicine in all of our most painful experiences and turn our traumas into sources of deep wisdom and insight. What were once your greatest weaknesses become areas of mastery.

Dramatic and immediate transformation takes place through the art and science of emotional alchemy. Having a radically new response to decades-old stimulus breaks the pattern and opens millions of doors within you to create new dynamics in every aspect of your life.
I help you to welcome what would normally reject and embrace what you would normally deny. Feelings, desires, expressions, disowned aspects of yourself that have become the shadows that subconsciously drive you. Most of us have struggled because we have been wrongly encouraged to try to eradicate parts of ourselves that in truth can only be integrated. To try to “kill our egos” is to declare war on ourselves! And I can assure you that any part of you that you try to murder off will absolutely be trying to murder you right back. With gusto. 😉

A lot of us have innocently been misguided to work against ourselves and the rhythms of Nature and thus feel at the mercy of life. For example, instead of invalidating ourselves with an idea like “anger is only a secondary emotion and it is low vibe.. I should try to feel more positive etc etc” or some popular bullshit of that sort… We can choose to listen to that very real and powerful emotion as a message that your boundaries are being crossed in some way and show it deep respect and gratitude for speaking up. When we validate our own anger and hear it out, it immediately diffuses and dissolves. Taking action to honor the wisdom behind that anger builds trust in yourself. You will feel so much more confident in what you feel and seeing it as intuition. There will also be a new level of trust and respect yourself for prioritizing your own needs being met. Most of us simply didn’t have models of this perspective and have been working against ourselves for our whole lives. I often see the shadow as a dragon and the old and endless ways we have tried and failed to slay it. I help you to remember that the dragon and all of its ferocious power is in fact – you; and that you can evolve from Dragon Slayer to Dragon Rider.. You can master it in order to direct that holy fire and allow all of you to finally work in your favor. You can use even your most destructive powers for good. We need only to call these parts of us home.

By embracing every part of ourselves and showing deep reverence for the aspects that we have yet to understand, we reclaim our wholeness and set ourselves free. I can help you do this. I remind you how to journey to the wells of wisdom, peace and inspiration within you and reclaim your endless power as Creator God in human form. Everything that you need is already inside of you. You are the Sovereign Authority of yourself. You are the only one who decides who and what you are. You are the only one who decides what you are deserving, worthy and capable of. You are wise. You are powerful. You are brave and you are free.

Thank you for taking your time to read this ❤ get in touch with me directly to book. Sending lots of love and support to you all

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