My brain tumor protocol from 2011-2012

Brain tumor protocol

Coconut oil pulling for 20+ minutes

Lemon in warm water on empty stomach

Tinctures by Dr. Shulze

2 x per day morning and night





Biocidin formulas:

Anti parasitic drops Biocidin

Olivirex olive leaf extract

Proflora 4R probiotic spores

Bio tonic adaptogenic tonic

GI Detox gentle binder

Probiotics and systematic organ cleanses from Wellness of Life

Chlorophyll drops

Only organic and unprocessed Whole Foods

Only sprouted grains and sourdough breads

Cooking with only coconut oil or natural butter

Fruit and vegetable juices

(Beetroot and the greens with a whole lemon was one of my faves for liver detox)

Celery and carrot juice

Fruits & berries

Roots & greens

Cruciferous vegetables

Coconut juice with aloe vera cubes 1 – 3 per day

Kimchis & sourkrauts

Burdock root

Jerusalem artichoke




Cayenne pepper

Golden milk (turmeric, ginger, black pepper, honey and coconut oil in coconut milk)

Ginger, lemon and honey tea

3-7 liters of water per day

I was 90 % vegan/vegetarian for the first 4 months of my cleanse focusing on a mix of raw and macrobiotic (soft and easy to digest)

When I was doing 3 colonics a week I was more strict with my diet and as I began to heal and my tumor was rapidly dissolving I became more flexible with occasional hormone free meats, fish and dairy

Raw cheeses and probiotic spreads

Cbd and thc oils

Cannabis flower vaped, smoked and ingested

Yoga everyday

Bike riding (amazing for helping the bowels move)

Repressed sexual trauma and shame detox

Repressed rage and anger detox

Inner child healing

Shadow integration work

Energetic healing 1x per week

Deep tissue massage 1x per week

Colon hydrotherapy 1-3 x per week

Spiritual connection practices

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