Mucoid Plaque Cleanse

I just finished a 21 day cleanse and I feel ready to share my experience. I did 10 days of water fasting followed by 7 days of liquids and another few days of adding soft foods and fruit. I would call it my most successful cleanse so far.

I released over 6 feet of hardened mucoid plaque rope from my colon and around 15 pounds of water weight from the intestinal cleanse in the first 5 days. During the oil flush I purged parasites, bile, fat and stones that were built up in my liver. I am still having powerful emotional releases as I integrate all of the new space inside of me. I have almost 15 years of experience with fasting since my first 8 day water fast that set me into my spiritual path and have explored lots of different approaches over all of these years. I am still in awe of what I let go of and the profound physical, mental and emotional shifts that it has catalyzed. While it was by far the most profound detox I have ever tried, (weeks of colon hydrotherapy in one week) it is also the most gentle.

Fruits, herbs, mushrooms, vegetables and seaweeds fermented for 3 years using an ancient Zen Buddhist technique in Taiwan. Tibetan sutras play over loud speakers and bless them day and night 24/7 as they turn into powerful enzymes. The enzymes digest all of the un digested food, plaque and mucous build up in the colon and allow you to pass it as a long thick rope. The enzymes are used in specific combinations for colon, liver and lung cleanses, maintenance protocols etc. You can do just the one day colon cleanse or just the one day liver purge. Or you can do them both together as a longer and more complete cleanse. I decided to try both the colon and liver cleanse together and I got way more than I bargained for.

The colon cleanse is just one day of drinking the enzymes with water all day and it is very easy. The flavors are mild and sweet and easy to take in and I found the process of mixing all the powders entertaining. It was so gentle I questioned if it was working! I released my plaque on days 3 and 4 so you just have to rest and let the enzymes loosen everything up to be passed. I will never do any other liver cleanse because this one doesn’t use Epsom salts! Honestly I have avoided doing a liver flush for 9 years since my last one because it was such a violent and intense purge. Drinking the Epsom salts truly was unbearable for me and this cleanse uses fruit enzymes instead to soften and open everything up. You still drink an olive oil and lemon mixture that has its own inevitable intensity, but it’s a hundred times easier than the other approach. I used to vomit for hours during a liver flush and with this cleanse I didn’t vomit at all and barely felt nauseas besides in the moment of drinking the oil. I was impressed with what I was able to release from my liver and the emotional processing from that continues. Lots of good cries and letting go of whatever was being held there. I am just now starting to eat again and so far I am feeling great.

I loved that there is an at home retreat group on telegram for the Rainbow cleanse where people support one another, share their experiences and post photos of their releases for interpretation. There is a lot of valuable information in the color, texture, consistency etc of your releases that can give you powerful insight into changes that need to be made in order for balance to be restored. I found out that I have too much damp heat in my body, while others will have too much dryness and cold. This is corrected through diet, herbal medicines and lifestyle and is the perfect compass for staying in alignment with yourself and in harmony with the seasons.

This is the short version. I’m going to share a more detailed day by day and description of each element of the product and share the photos of my plaque as well for those who like the gory details.

If you prefer the short version and would rather skip the photos – there is a warning photo before the plaque photos so just stop scrolling when you see it. You can check out the cleanse for yourself here with this link. I was already designing private weekend and week long detox retreats at my favorite spa for folks both remotely and here in Mexico with a focus on colonics and fasting. I am now going to incorporate this cleanse as the central focus for people who want it as it just goes so much deeper and so much faster. There is lots of great info on the website here and more testimonials.

My Rainbow cleanse experience

I started on a Sunday and I spent the week before preparing my body through eating lighter and gradually transitioning into liquids before I took the enzymes. It’s only one day long and they actually taste pretty delicious. After years of drinking ayahuasca, cactuses and bitter herbs to cleanse I was so relieved that they were so sweet and easy to take. The process is entertaining and the way the kit is set up is very aesthetically pleasing so I really enjoyed it. Naturally I felt a little uncomfortable from being full of all the liquids which made me feel a bit nauseas but it was super mild and only lasted a little while. I had energy to do light gardening all day and I was in a good mood. I did a lot of talking to my body and to the enzymes, thanking and trusting and relaxing.

I was honestly surprised that I didn’t have any cramping or fever or any healing crisis at all. The only thing I experienced in the first two days was massive loud gurgling and movement. I could tangibly feel the plaque dislodging from the walls of my colon. I felt very calm and focused my attention on trusting my body and the enzymes and relaxing. I was following the suggestions from the cleanse itself and doing lots of self massage to my colon and gentle movement to help loosen things up. I could feel there were hard and painful spots and something big was working it’s way through. I admit tho on day 2 and the morning of day 3, I thought maybe it wasn’t working because it was very quiet again and so gentle. The founder of the company, a former Buddhist monk, holds a very supportive space in the groups and I felt encouraged to not rush the process and to just enjoy it instead and let my timing be my own. It was really amazing to make a few connections with other people also going thorough the cleanses at the same time. Many of them have been using them for a couple of years and generously shared their experiences in support of us going through our first cleanse so it was a really beautiful experience and I felt honored to be a part of the community.

On day 3 in the afternoon I released 1.5 feet of drier, thinner mucoid plaque and some bigger more damp pieces. I felt so relieved and amazed and I thought that was all there was. I had an emotional release and felt very euphoric the rest of the night. The next day in the afternoon I released over 5 FEET of plaque that was damper and much thicker and lighter in color. It was very cathartic and exciting at the same time. It was so think and hard in some parts. To think that every time I ate something and tried to pass it – it had to move through that amount of resistance. The smell was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before too. Like someone had died.

Luckily I am not squeamish and found it fascinating and validating to inspect it. (Of course everything is don’t using gloves and chopsticks and in a sterile way) I know many of you are like me and will get into it. If you are squeamish tho – I will warn you once again to heed the “Warning: graphic content ahead” meme after the photos of the kit before you look at the photos at the end of the post.

I spent a year and a half doing 1-3 colonics a week + organ cleanses to heal my brain cancer 12 years ago – and I have been exploring different detox and natural healing practices since then. So I have a lot of experience in this area. One of the main focuses was removing parasites and their eggs through water, medicinal food and herbs. Keeping them out was about not allowing my body to be a suitable host. I feel like other methods chop away at the nest twig by twig, if you will, and this approach just dissolves the nest enough to remove it all at once.

I also did the liver flush on day 6. As I mentioned, you do an olive oil and lemon juice flush but there are no Epsom salts involved. Just as effective (maybe even more) with none of the suffering or drama.

The softening enzymes taste bland, lightly sweet and pleasant. Of course there was an hour of intensity after drinking the oil and laying down but it is truly a ceremonial experience and you can feel the toxins and flukes etc coming out of your liver. I processed a lot of anger and reactive, aggressive feelings on the day before, of and after. Since then I feel much softer and like I have so much more space inside. Extremely relaxed and so relieved. Like the well of patience within me has been refilled again to overflowing.

Day 9 of only water and enzymes. I experimented with some boiled celery water and my body seemed to really like it. I have let go of knowing when I will break my liquid fast and I am just listening to my body each day to see what it tells me. I’m so excited to see how I respond to different foods now that I have a clean slate and can actually absorb the nutrients. My palate has been reset also. Which brings me to another thing that I love about this is that all my sweet cravings are gone and I’m not hungry at all anymore. I want to keep going as long as possible with the liquids to get the most out of this cleanse and not rush out of the state that I’ve entered. I’m having the best sleep of my life and feel so excited to see how I feel over the next couple of months before I do another one. I think for the moment I am most impressed that my stomach relaxed is smaller than what my stomach used to look like sucking in. I can’t even push it out very far. The amount of volume that was released is truly mind blowing. I’m really looking forward to seeing how I feel as I continue to reintegrate solid foods and more movement.

One last thing. I will be using the information I learned from inspecting my plaque to make drastic changes in my diet. Apparently I have a lot of internal dampness and the 60%- 70% fruit diet, cold smoothies and lots of iced kombucha were only making that environment more damp. (Think excess stagnant water and too much sweetness) Such an incredibly valuable understanding to have. So I’m researching away following the guidelines of Traditional Chinese Medicine to design my diet for the next season, and see how I feel. I am now going to be focusing on warm curries and stews and staying away from the sweeter fruits and heavier oils for now. I love that eastern medicine is all about restoring balance and I’m really inspired to learn how to cook for myself in the way that my body needs now. I tried to do this on my own and found a lot of conflicting information – so it’s really important to have a guide to help you interpret and put in to practice your new understandings. I will be sharing more about my consult for that and the herbalist (Caitlin Woolery) I am working with to design my diet and herbal protocols in my next post. She actually read my tongue before I did the cleanse and told me exactly what it would show. And she was right!

I am so grateful that I found this company and that I gave myself the gift of this experience! I plan so do another 7 day Rainbow cleanse in a couple of months and I am experimenting with the maintenance enzymes as well. I will share more about my results as they unfold in the following weeks. Thank you for reading and witnessing my adventures and explorations ♥️🙏

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