Breast detox

I’ve had a really powerful breakthrough in my health and I finally feel ready to share about it.

A couple months ago I suddenly developed a very large and painful lump in my left breast near my armpit. It was the size of 2 golf balls and was extremely hard and sore. I was also starting to have intense twinges of stinging pain that felt like a bee sting where the lumps were and the pain would move around in different parts of my breast. I also started to see a red inflamed rash starting to form on the outside of my skin where the mass was.

When I saw the rash forming, I admit I had a moment of panic. It was clear that my body was screaming at me to pay attention. So I did just that. I did not go to a western doctor. I did not go for a mammogram or a breast scan of any kind. I did not go to a hospital because I was not having a “medical emergency.” I was having a breakthrough.

The first thing I did was slow down all the way down. I had a good cry. I thanked it for being here and for getting my attention. I thanked my body for communicating with me and I promised to listen. “Thank you for being here. I bless you and honor you and welcome you. I deeply approve of you. What are you trying to tell me?”
I opened my heart and welcomed the insight that began to flow from the pain as it flooded my brain and body with emotion, images and symbols.

My body told me stories of betrayal and neglect. I had abandoned myself again. I’d gotten so busy that I moved out of alignment with myself again and I hadn’t even noticed. I had started rushing again. Pushing, forcing, pressuring… trying to control life. Trying to make myself fit where I didn’t belong. I had gotten out of balance again. I’d gotten impatient and reactive. Sitting too much and not moving enough. Giving too much and not receiving enough. Holding too much and not surrendering enough. Taking on too much and not resting enough. Distracting too much and not feeling enough.

This pain was a blessing. A gift. A loving part of me calling me home to myself. Home to my body. Home to stillness and silence. Home to peace and balance. A call to come back into alignment. To come back into harmony with my own sacred rhythms and cycles. A call to feel what I have been avoiding and to reclaim the parts of myself that I had been pushing away. All I needed to do was listen and answer that call.

So I listened for days as grief poured out of me. I cried from my bones and wept for my younger selves. I felt the pain of my self betrayals and I owned them. I apologized and begged for my own forgiveness. I made amends to my body and promises to honor her and care for her. So now that I knew why it was there, I now had to learn what I needed for it to be resolved. “What can I do for you? What do you need from me?”

The answers were very clear. Return to grace. You need to slow down. You need to receive. You need touch. You need affection. You need softness. You need a restful, slow pace. You need gentleness and compassion. You need space and empty schedules and lots of time in the woods. You need to soften where you are hardened. To melt where you are stiff. You need to dance and sing and be moved by what inspires you. You need to offer grace to what you judge and reject. But most of all you need to feel your pain. Feel your sadness. Feel your loneliness. Feel your heart break and rage. To walk through your personal hell’s and bring the light of deep approval there.

So I did. I met all of my anger, resentment, aggression and reactivity. And I met the hurt that was hiding underneath them. I dove into the ocean of grief they were protecting me from. Thank you anger, you’ve done so well. I no longer need this kind of protection. It’s safe for me to feel my sadness. It’s safe for me to grieve. It’s safe for me to be vulnerable and to truly let go.

I stayed in this cathartic welcoming for a couple of weeks thanking and releasing… and over a period of 5 days during my next menstrual cycle, the lumps completely dissolved. The more I understood what my body was asking of me, the quicker she responded to me. The more I trusted in the wisdom of my body, the faster she could heal. I could feel the mass shrinking with some mild pain and a draining kind of sensation. The last and final dissolving happened after the decision to let go of a situation that I felt deeply attached to. The relief I have felt since that moment has been truly elevating.

In the couple of weeks following this, my breasts have grown a full cup size and continue to become fuller. (More than the physical aesthetic this is proof that my lymphatic system is flowing and I’m in a regenerative state) My skin has become more clear and radiant and my nervous system has completely regulated. My hair fall that has been going on for two years has completely stopped. I might lose two strands after a shampoo now where it was coming out in handfuls every day before.

When I stay in alignment with myself, I thrive on all levels. All dis-ease is just a sign we have gotten out of balance and that it’s time to come home. All illness is just a sign that it’s time to let the healing waters flow through you and it’s time to cleanse within and without.

The emotional root was the most important part but supporting my body with enzymes was also very crucial. I took Ambrosia and Mycelia enzymes everyday for the first month and then doubled up on Mycelia for the second month and I know it was a massive part of my healing. I was also taking quantum particles for digestive support. The Mycelia mushrooms focus on shrinking tumors and cleaning blood and clots and it’s one of the most powerful allies for healing I have ever found. I am going to continue with this protocol and am getting ready to do another Rainbow cleanse in the next couple of weeks.

I am so in awe of what I have just experienced and I feel so in love with life. So in love with my body. There is truly a sacred design to this realm. Everything is here to help us grow and evolve. All challenges are here to initiate us. All illness is here to help us know our power to heal. And all healing begins with understanding. Know yourself and you will be healed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for being a part of my journey. I feel more passionate than ever about guiding and supporting people through their detox showed work adventures. I’m here for you when you feel ready. ♥️

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