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Breast detox

I’ve had a really powerful breakthrough in my health and I finally feel ready to share about it. A couple months ago I suddenly developed a very large and painful lump in my left breast near my armpit. It was the size of 2… Continue Reading “Breast detox”

Mucoid Plaque Cleanse

I just finished a 21 day cleanse and I feel ready to share my experience. I did 10 days of water fasting followed by 7 days of liquids and another few days of adding soft foods and fruit. I would call it my most… Continue Reading “Mucoid Plaque Cleanse”

My brain tumor protocol from 2011-2012

Brain tumor protocol Coconut oil pulling for 20+ minutes Lemon in warm water on empty stomach Tinctures by Dr. Shulze 2 x per day morning and night Brain Nerve Heart Echinacea Biocidin formulas: Anti parasitic drops Biocidin Olivirex olive leaf extract Proflora 4R probiotic… Continue Reading “My brain tumor protocol from 2011-2012”

Life is so wild and amazing

No matter how many times I experience this phenomenon, it never ceases to thrill me. I feel in awe of what can transpire within us in just a day. The last few days I was feeling so low. Sad, uninspired, confused and a little… Continue Reading “Life is so wild and amazing”

The Haunted House and a portal to Hell

If I thought that the energy of my weird landlords was intense – they paled in comparison to what I experienced next. Absolute peanuts. So instead of making my poor self wait another 3 days in that place where I did not feel comfortable… Continue Reading “The Haunted House and a portal to Hell”

We are moving again! No more turning red flags into roses 🌹 Our adventure continues…

Life is making it so obvious it is almost like a comedy. My very first conversation IN THE DRIVEWAY with the owner of this house yesterday said it all. Without knowing anything about my story he said to me “why did you leave your… Continue Reading “We are moving again! No more turning red flags into roses 🌹 Our adventure continues…”

Interview with a Vampire and another sudden move

The seemingly perfect relationship with my landlord turned toxic really fast and I ended up having to pack up and move Chalupa and I to a new place on a day’s notice. I sacrificed my deposit and hundreds of dollars in rent that I… Continue Reading “Interview with a Vampire and another sudden move”

(Another) Dark night of the soul

Last night I fully experienced the depths of my own darkness and what felt like the darkness of my entire ancestry. The emotional decay that had been backed up and stored and festering for centuries overwhelmed me and took me beyond my limits. Even… Continue Reading “(Another) Dark night of the soul”

How I healed myself of oral herpes by changing my perspective of it

Twice now in my life I have healed the “un-healable” by changing my mind and trusting in my body. People say to me all the time when they hear my stories that it’s a miracle. That healing brain cancer and herpes is miraculous. I’m… Continue Reading “How I healed myself of oral herpes by changing my perspective of it”

Beginners’s Kombucha Recipe

Hi yall! I know that making your first brew can feel intimidating and that we can worry about poisoning ourselves by doing it wrong. Let me put your mind at ease and walk you through the steps to making your own brew. Once you… Continue Reading “Beginners’s Kombucha Recipe”