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 I am so grateful to be of service and I am deeply devoted to the mastery of my craft.  My therapy is a framework for trauma healing and shadow integration I have developed that I call The Sovereignty Process. A sharing of the perspectives and practices that I have found to be most effective in my own life and in working with over a thousand people over the course of the last 10 years.

My sessions are a journey within themselves. I start by creating a sacred space through deep listening and presence. I then give you my intuitive reading and share my perspectives and process with you. Many people feel unprecedented liberation just through the way I help you to re- frame your experiences. We then do an energy work that anchors these new understandings into the body and works in the subconscious and unconscious parts of your psyche. THAT is where the big magic happens xx I use Ritual, my hands and my voice to bring you into a deeply healing altered state. Every journey is different and varies from relaxing and soothing to wildly intense and cathartic. My bias aside, it is the most effective form of energy work that I know of and most people tell me that one session is more transformative than years of typical western therapies. You will experience a dramatic and immediate shift because we will help you start to work WITH yourself instead of against yourself, right away. Dramatic shifts happen when we have a radically new response to old stimulus.

I can help with any situation as long as the client is ready to engage their courage and willingness. I find that all healing falls into these three categories: Inner child trauma healing, Shadow integration and Erotic Empowerment. All sessions are the same framework and cost.

Individual sessions are $300 USD for up to 3 hours.

 Overcoming years of fierce addiction, depression, panic attacks and self hatred caused by childhood sexual and emotional trauma. Learning how to embrace all aspects of myself – both dark and light – to embody my most authentic expression. Moving through mountains of crippling self doubt and shame – serving as countless initiations into the reclaiming of my power. Seeing all of my pain as a blessing  leading me to embrace my gifts and align with my purpose. One of my most profound Rites of Passage was the experience of naturally healing from Brain Cancer in 2011. With proper support and tools, we can transform our disease, suffering and traumas into wisdom, empowerment and radiant health. We are so much more powerful than we believe ourselves to be. When we engage our courage and willingness and surrender to what is –  we truly move Heaven and Earth.


 During my sessions I use my hands and my voice to lift denser energies and weave in higher frequencies, as well as other tools such as crystals, feathers, medicine drums, sacred herbs and tibetan singing bowls. I use ritual to invoke only the highest realms of healing spirits and to create a safe and sacred container. The purpose of the ritual is to bring you into a surrendered and receptive space so that you may enter into a trance state. From there, your journey depends on what you need to experience. You may go into an intense catharsis and have a deep emotional release. You may see lights, colors, guiding forces or have visions. You may go into a place of complete silence, stillness and peace and feel like you were in a magical healing sleep – or that you went “home” to rest. Some receive direct messages and insights from their guiding forces or from deep within themselves. The intention is always held for your highest good and deepest healing to unfold – in whatever way will be the most appropriate and helpful for you now. I see myself as the midwife of this process and it is truly a profound and joyful honor.


While specific intentions are cast, this therapy addresses all realms to create profound and lasting transformation and to bring all chakras into harmony and alignment.

– Cultivate intimacy with your body and the physical realm
– Come into harmony with your feelings, emotions, rhythms and cycles
– Heal emotional and sexual trauma and clear cellular memory
– Come fully into your power and express it with integrity
– To reclaim and retrieve all disowned aspects of yourself
– Embrace your sacred gifts and receive tools to embrace your sensitivities
– To forgive, love and accept yourself and others unconditionally
– To reprogram old beliefs of undeservingness and open to receiving all of life’s blessings and abundance
– To learn to speak your truth from a place of love and to express yourself freely and authentically
– To learn to trust yourself and honor your intuition
– To invoke your innate wisdom, freedom, power and magic and embody your highest self
– To bless and release all energy that no longer serves you
– To remember and commune with your Divine guidance and support
– To live a joyful, fulfilling and inspired life aligned with your Purpose

I am sincerely honored to be a source of love and support along your journey.

Meredith Shippam
951 117 631

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