The magic of home brewed kombucha

I want to start sharing some of my protocols and the perspectives behind them for those asking for more information on how I healed myself from brain cancer 🙏

Homemade kombucha is one of the most powerful medicines on earth. While buying it is of course better than nothing- let me explain the logic and magic behind why brewing your own is much more powerful than buying your kombucha from a brewer. (Especially if you are in a health crisis)

When a child is nursing, the mother’s areola absorbs the babies saliva and receives a “reading” for deficiencies. She then naturally creates adjustments in her breast milk according to what the baby is needing and this communion and adjustment are a constant occurrence. The mother is making custom medicine that continually changes and adapts to what baby is needing, as her needs change.

When we saturate vegetable seeds with our saliva before we plant them in the earth, the seeds absorb it and read our DNA – that’s right – for deficiencies! The plants then grow according to our personal and specific needs. Having even a small lettuce garden is enough to make a huge difference.

When you grow a kombucha scoby – you are growing a live and intelligent mushroom. The scoby creates itself from its environment – pulling bacteria from the atmosphere around it and reading the information. So when you are caring for your scoby adding more tea to it and touching it with your hands – it is reading your body and creating itself according to your specific needs. I also talk to mine and feel without a doubt that we are psychically connected and that she is like a wise medicine woman that is watching over me and brewing this potion that is meant specifically for me.

Nature is the most powerful technology. We have become sick as a society because we have forgotten natural law and the inherent magic within our bodies. We have forgotten that our natural ability to heal is activated by communion with nature and with eachother and that all illness is only a symptom of that disconnection. The remedy is connection, LOVE, bacteria and trusting in the wisdom of our bodies. Nature has the cure.

Healing with Fulvic & Humic Acids

This is a compilation of articles, studies and testimonies on the healing power of these ancient acids.

How to get started with Fulvic & Humic Acid :

Listed below are a few ways you can utilize the powder:

• Drink – We recommend starting out slow with the powder, as it is very powerful. If you have an inflammatory condition, are pregnant or nursing or have an autoimmune condition, consider starting out with ½ teaspoon in a footbath for a week before using internally. The following week you can take 1/16 up to 1/8 teaspoon internally and lower the dose even further to a sprinkle if you have any detox reactions. Drink a glass of water every hour to help the body shuttle out the toxins if you start feeling nauseous. Doing it this way will ensure you’ll not have issues with toxins trying to move quicker that the body can handle. If you go at your body’s pace, you should be fine. For everyone else, we recommend starting out at 1/8 to 1/4 of a teaspoon once or twice a day and work up to the full dose on the packet.

• Foot Bath – We recommend using ½ to 1 teaspoon of fulvic in a footbath. You can also add to an ionic bath

• Detox Bath – The pack states 1 tbsp for a detox bath. Depending on bath size, you may want to use between 3-6tsp.

• Face Mask – We recommend using ½ teaspoon of fulvic, ½ teaspoon of baking soda and a tsp of water. You can also add essential oils to the mix and/or aloe. Check out our face mask and bath recipe Guide.

• Shampoo – Add ¼ tsp into your shampoo bottle. We have had reports of fuller, thicker hair using this approach.

• Toothpaste – You can sprinkle a pinch onto your toothbrush, or dip toothbrush into the bag. You can also make your own toothpaste with fulvic, bicarbonate of soda and even add a drop of essential oils such as geranium, red thyme and add water to mix into a paste. (Use same amount of fulvic to bicarbonate of soda for example ¼ teaspoon fulvic powder, ¼ teaspoon of fulvic) This can also be used on gums.

• Mouthwash – You can mix some fulvic powder with water and use as a mouthwash, use a pinch with some essential oils or add to coconut oil for Fulvic oil pulling.

• Poultice / Paste – These are used to treat a specific area of the body. All you do is make a paste, apply onto the area and wrap in cling film / saran wrap. We recommend using the same amount of fulvic as baking soda and add water until it makes a paste. You can even add essential oils (if you understand therapeutic treatments for different oils) Leave on the area for 20 minutes and rinse off.

🌱Fulvic & Humic Acid Benefits:

• Anti inflammatory – Fulvic contains potent anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce inflammation in the body. These properties help to fight free radicals and keep the body free of harmful chemicals. Free radicals gain access to our bodies through processed foods and environmental pollutants / toxins. Taking Fulvic boosts the body’s supply of antioxidants and stimulates our natural endorphins, which triggers a lesser pain response on the nervous system. This can then improve nerve pain, muscle pain, arthritis, headaches and other conditions relating to an inflammation response.

• Cell regenerating – Fulvic stimulates the mitochondria, and penetrates in the cell creating more cellular energy. The high humic content offers a great connective tissue support for strengthening the body as a whole at a cellular level. We find when people take fulvic it helps with acne, stopping the ageing process, wrinkles, rosacea and other skin issues.

• Hormone balancing – Black Oxygen Organics Fulvic / Humic acid is a pH of 9, meaning it is alkaline. Fulvic restores the optimal pH levels, helping to regulate hormone production and boosting immunity. People often report improvement in menstrual cycle, hot flushes, mood swings and brain fog.

• Chelating – We live in a toxic world, with pesticides, fluoride, pollution, heavy metals, & preservatives, Fulvic helps to chelate (pulls and binds) toxins, which enables the body to remove heavy metals, parasites, and toxicity from the body.

• Adaptogenic – Adaptogens are non-toxic plants that have been used for centuries to help the body combat stressors – whether that be physical, chemical or biological. Fulvic helps to strengthen and increase our immune system and create more white blood cells.

• Increases Energy & Reduces Fatigue – Fulvic acid has been proven to increase energy levels through a number of mechanisms. Boosting energy starts with the mitochondria, which are small organelles within cells that fuel our energy levels. Mitochondria are found within the nervous system, muscle tissue, brain, gut, heart and many other areas of the body. Mitochondria take oxygen, as well as other nutrients, and produce energy from these substances

• Increases Cognitive Function and Decreases the Risk of Age-related Cognitive Diseases – If improving your cognition, and preventing the early onset of debilitating brain disorders sounds appealing, then fulvic & humic acids should be an essential part of your supplementation routine.

• Increases nutrient and supplement absorption – Fulvic acid helps your body absorb more nutrients by increasing cell permeability. In order for cells to effectively absorb nutrients, they require electrolytes in order to allow for the flow of ions. Fulvic acid is high in electrolytes. According to research, fulvic acids (made up of very small sized molecules) are comprised of highly active hydrogen, carbon and oxygen molecules which easily pass through cells membranes. The strong charge of fulvic acid helps increase the absorption of key nutrients and vitamins, both from the food you eat and the nutritional supplements you take.

• Supports a healthy gut and microbiome – Research has made it clear that poor gut health is the backbone of inflammation and many diseases. One common condition that fulvic acid can help to treat is leaky gut. Leaky gut is defined by excessive permeability of the gut, leading to inflammation, compromised immunity, chronic inflammation and various other autoimmune reactions. There is emerging evidence that fulvic acid has a lot of therapeutic potential to improve gut based diseases. Introducing fulvic acid into your diet as a supplement can help to increase the ratio of good bacteria in your gut, and therefore reduce symptoms such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea and food sensitivities. The alleviation of these symptoms can help to improve diseases such as small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

• Improves muscle function & increases testosterone – Fulvic acid has been shown to be a great way to improve your recovery rate after a workout, as well as increase overall muscle strength and endurance. One way in which fulvic acid can help to improve physical performance is by replenishing electrolytes after a workout. This helps to hydrate your muscles and prevent cramps. Because fulvic acid helps to increase mitochondrial function and increases the production of ATP, this leads to an increase in physical performance – specifically with regards to strength and explosiveness. Another way that fulvic acid can improve physical performance and muscular strength is through its effect on the endocrine system and its ability to increase testosterone levels. The combined increase in ATP through increased mitochondrial efficiency and the increase in testosterone will work synergistically to improve recovery, muscle hypertrophy and performance.

• Protects & repairs skin – Evidence has shown that humic acids help improve skin health. One study published in the Journal of Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigative Dermatology concluded that fulvic acid supplementation significantly improved symptoms associated with eczema compared to other commonly used eczema treatments. Because fulvic acid has been proven to help with nutrient absorption, this also means that nutrients become more bioavailable for your skin, allowing for deeper penetration.

Fulvic acid truly is an underrated natural compound rivalled by few others for its plethora of health benefits. Only Black Oxygen Organics has the superior ratio of BOTH fulvic and humic acid in high concentrations – to deliver the BEST and MOST POTENT solution in a one-stop-shop for all your health needs.

💗💥 Common Questions Answered💥

1. You can begin with a

• drink🚰

• foot bath 👣

• mud bath 🛀🏼

• face mask😍

2. Start slow and with a low dosage.

• 1/8 to 1/4 tsp in


• coffee

• juice

• smoothie

3. Increase as you feel ready.

👂🏻 to your body

4. Yes, you can drink and do mask and baths daily

5. Yes, it is safe for kids to drink

6. You can even brush your teeth with it.

No it does not stain.

7. Animals do well too.

Sprinkle Fulvic powder on their food or in their water or you can bake dog treats with Fulvic powder – 1/4 tsp per 40 lbs

8. Detox reactions?

If you get constipated or detox too fast,

Slow down. Drink plenty of water.💦

9. Safe for pregnant and nursing?

Minerals are not only safe but essential to a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. Start with one week of foot baths 1/8 tsp in hot water. Slowly increase dosage every day until you get to full dose if you have no detox symptoms. You may start ingesting the second week at 1/8th tsp. For more information search for posts made by Be See who is a pregnant detoxification specialist in our group that helps break down further this question.

10. Safe for autoimmune?

It’s especially beneficial for those with autoimmune and neurological issues since those people have high levels of toxicity and depletion. I USED TO have autoimmune. The most important thing with dosing is that you START SLOW and listen to your body’s response to know when to increase your dose. Skip a day of detox symptoms occur until they subside. Follow pregnancy dosing instructions. The sicker you are, the slower you should start, even starting at just a pinch in water if you are at the point of being bedridden. Drink lots of water.

Let’s talk die-off symptoms. Also called detox symptoms, herxing (herxheimer reaction) or a healing crisis.

We get this question a lot.

It’s the reason we encourage everyone to go low and slow with dosage to avoid these symptoms.

However, it’s not as intimidating when you understand the science behind it all. 🤓

** Not everyone will experience this! **

But if you are- then this is for you!

The die-off process is broken down into three distinct phases:

1. Cell death

2. Immune response

3. Detoxification

👉 In phase one, as we treat pathogens like parasites, bacteria and yeast, they begin to die. During this “cell death”, we see the breakdown of biofilms (which acts as a shield or protective home for the bacteria, parasites or yeast living inside, making them difficult to detect and remove).

When this happens you then see the release of endotoxins and glycoconjugates as these toxins are being released and are no longer hiding in your GI tracts, etc. It can cause an inflammatory response in your body as it starts to fight these.

Because inflammation is at the heart of die-off symptoms, many other sources of inflammation can be confused with them. These other sources of inflammation could be mental/emotional or stress-related, new gut irritations, or other forms of stress on the body. Which is also why some of us notice an emotional response to detox.

👉 Then you have the immune response.. phase 2.

Your immune system starts working overtime to kill and clear these toxins from your body to avoid infections hanging around. Lipopolysaccharides (bacteria) specifically, is also an exogenous pyrogen or fever-inducing substance, which explains the flu-like bacteria die-off symptoms experienced by many people during this phase.

Inflammation is a natural response of the immune system and needed to overcome infection, it can, temporarily, lead to symptoms like aches and pains, skin rashes, headaches, etc, which we often describe as die-off.

👉 This is where detox comes to play in step 3.

All of the broken down biofilm and released toxins, parasites, bacteria, etc need to go somewhere.

With a healthy GI tract, strong intestinal lining and regular motility, most of these toxins would move through the large intestine and be excreted via the stool. However, people with a gut infection or overgrowth don’t always have a healthy GI tract.

This can be problematic when you have a significant release of pathogens and toxins at the same time.

It is why we encourage that you support your detox pathways as we clean up our bodies! ♻️

Firstly via the lymphatic system and liver, which help filter your body’s waste, before being sent to other drainage organs such as your kidneys, colon and skin.

For many of those suffering from years of chronic digestive symptoms, these detox pathways can become blocked or sluggish. This means the body struggles to eliminate these toxins and allows them to recirculate in the body. This inability to eliminate toxins can make bacteria, yeast and parasite die-off symptoms more noticeable and last longer.

The most common bacteria, yeast and parasite

die-off symptoms are:

> Fatigue

> Headaches

> Body aches and pains

> Skin rashes or reactions

> Mood symptoms

> Respiratory phlegm or stuffy/runny nose

> Increased GI upset

> Flu-like symptoms

So.. what can you do to help your body if you notice is struggling? Here are a few tips.

• Elimination diet. Switching to a real-food based diet that eliminates processed foods, refined sugar and other ingredients that feed pathogens will often cause the bad bugs to starve as we cut off their food supply. 🍋🍊🥦🥕🍎🥑🍆

• Hydration. You hear us say this a lot. It helps to flush toxins out through the systems. 💦

• Dry brushing your lymphatic system to keep it moving. 🏃‍♀️ It helps detoxify your skin by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage.

• Rest. Healing can be hard work, especially if your body is trying to fight a heavy load of pathogenic infections or parasites. During the early phase of an elimination protocol, you need to give yourself space to rest without placing too many additional stressors on the system. 😴

•Liver support. You can try adding thistle and dandelion supplements. 🌼🌿🌱

BOO is a binder but some may need added support in the first few weeks of detox. GI binders like clay or chlorella can help eliminate the toxins as well.

• Epsom Salt Soaks. For one, they are relaxing. They can increase magnesium levels to help with aches and pains and keeping you regular. They also help draw toxins from the skin and it can increase sulfate levels which is very helpful for liver detox. 🛀

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the causes of die-off symptoms and why it’s so important to listen to your body as you begin to take the steps to help it recover!

We want to help you get the most out of these incredible minerals. 🖤

Just remember, you didn’t get this way overnight and it’s all apart of the process. 🥂

If you want to know all the reasons you want to use Fulvic/Humic acid from Black Oxygen… Here’s your list of WHY’s for Fulvic & Humic Acid

Fulvic and humic acid are complex naturally occurring substances which have substantial proven health benefits verified by thousands of published studies.

Fulvic acid is an organic compound naturally found in the earth’s soil and bodies of water. It is created as a consequence of millions of microbes breaking down decaying matter during a process called humification.


• Electrolytes

• Antioxidants

• Prebiotics

• Probiotics

• Enzymes

• Amino acids

• Natural detoxifying compounds

• And much more

Over the last century, excess agriculture, monocropping, and the overuse of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in large-scale commercial agricultural operations has resulted in a drastic depletion of nutrients in soil.

Unfortunately, we no longer receive an abundance of minerals in our food as we once did.

The good news is that you can get the benefits of fulvic acid and the nutrients it contains by taking a quality supplement.

If you’re interested in learning more about how fulvic acid can help improve your health, then keep reading, as we’re about to cover 12 proven health benefits of fulvic and humic acid.


Fulvic acid has been proven to increase energy levels through a number of mechanisms.

Boosting energy starts with the mitochondria, which are small organelles within cells that fuel our energy levels.

Mitochondria are found within the nervous system, muscle tissue, brain, gut, heart and many other areas of the body.

Mitochondria take oxygen, as well as other nutrients, and produce energy from these substances.

Energy is stored as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which the body uses to carry out a number of processes in the body [1].

More ATP means more energy, which is why athletes take a supplement called creatine, proven to help increase ATP and subsequently increase energy levels.

Research has shown that shilajit (which contains fulvic acid) attenuates chronic fatigue symptoms, most likely through maintaining mitochondrial function and integrity [2].

Fulvic acid has been shown to deliver more of the key nutrients to the mitochondria, and increases the uptake of oxygen.

Fulvic acid also helps to maintain a healthy electrolyte balance in cells.

A healthy electrolyte balance helps to increase the flow of electrons, which the mitochondria utilize as building blocks for creating energy [3].

Fulvic acid will help prime your body to create more energy at a more efficient rate, and therefore minimize fatigue, leading to an increase in mental acuity, physical performance and endurance.


Your immunity is largely dictated by the food you consume.

The gut is the primary center for your immune system. When your gut is healthy, your immune system tends to be healthy.

Therefore, the food that you consume affects both the health of your gut and your immune system.

Conditions such as inflammatory bowel syndrome and leaky gut leave your body vulnerable to disease due to the health of your gut being compromised.

Fulvic acid supplementation can help to restore your immunity by restoring your digestive health.

Research has also shown that fulvic acid is anti-microbial, which may further help to protect the body against infectious disease [4, 5, 6].


There is emerging research showing that fulvic acid has nootropic properties [7].


A nootropic is a substance which can help increase markers of intelligence and cognitive performance, such as working memory and one’s ability to learn and retain information.

One study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in 2011 concluded that fulvic acid has a range of antioxidant properties [8].

Researchers stated that fulvic acid has the potential to improve and protect cognitive impairments, such as those which fall under the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

The underlying cause of Alzheimer’s disease causes the blockage of other neurons from making connections.

This eventually leads to memory loss, dementia, overall confusion and other debilitating symptoms.

Alzheimer’s disease is caused primarily by the malfunction of proteins which causes the entanglement of neurons (also known as protein aggregation) [9, 10].

Protein aggregation is what leads to the inability for the brain to form new connections, which leads to the gradual cognitive degeneration experienced by those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Fulvic acid was shown to help untangle these neurofibrillary tangles, shortening their length.

This result is a promising sign that fulvic acid may aid in the prevention and amelioration of Alzheimer’s disease.

If improving your cognition, and preventing the early onset of debilitating brain disorders sounds appealing, then fulvic acid should be an essential part of your supplementation routine.


Fulvic acid helps your body absorb more nutrients by increasing cell permeability.

In order for cells to effectively absorb nutrients, they require electrolytes in order to allow for the flow of ions. Fulvic acid is high in electrolytes.

According to research, fulvic acids (made up of very small sized molecules) are comprised of highly active hydrogen, carbon and oxygen molecules which easily pass through cells membranes [11].

The strong charge of fulvic acid helps increase the absorption of key nutrients and vitamins, both from the food you eat and the nutritional supplements you take.

One study looked at the effectiveness of shilajit (which contains fulvic acid) and is effect on iron absorption.

Researchers observed that rats who were given 500 mg of shilajit had higher levels of hemoglobin, hematocrit and red blood cells, compared to the group who didn’t consume any. These results confirmed that the shilajit helped to increase iron levels [12].


Global obesity rates are higher than ever.

In today’s world, people eat more food, and move less. This is primarily the result of our sedentary lifestyles and easy access to calorically dense foods.

One-third of people in the United States are either prediabetic or type 2 diabetic.

This concerning statistic is a direct reflection of the sharp increase in obesity over the last few decades.

The exact cause of type 2 diabetes is still being debated. Most researchers agree that it’s caused by the overconsumption of calories.

Many researchers also agree that type 2 diabetes is further exacerbated by a diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates.

Research has shown that fulvic acid can decrease hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) in diabetic rats [13].

Other research shows that fulvic acid can increase antioxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase (SOD) in the beta cells of the pancreas [14].

A study from the Journal of Medicinal Food found that obese individuals who used pure shilajit responded better to exercise those who didn’t [15].

The results on fulvic acid, blood sugar, exercise and obesity are promising. However, these results do not mean fulvic acid is a viable replacement for a healthy diet and exercise program.

Rather, this research suggests that the mechanisms associated with fulvic acid, blood sugar, exercise and obesity, make it one of the best supplements to combine with a healthy diet and exercise program [16].


When oxygen molecules are split into individual atoms they have unpaired electrons.

These atoms then become free radicals, which are unstable and are pulled towards other atoms or molecules with the intention of bonding to them.

When this process continues chronically, it is called oxidative stress.

Over time, oxidative stress causes damage to cells which leads to an increased risk of a range of diseases, as well as premature aging and skin damage such as wrinkles.

Free radicals are simply a by-product of the body’s chemical processes, yet are essential to life. Free radicals are naturally occurring in the body, and paradoxically, they play a role in fighting against disease. Free radicals supply energy to the body, as well as play a role in regulating hormone function.

Free radicals become problematic when they are too many of them [17].

There are a number of factors in our modern environment which exacerbate oxidative damage, such as being exposed to excessive UV light exposure, consuming too much processed foods, smoking, as well as a a scarcity of nutrient-dense foods [18].

Consuming antioxidants (present in many fruits and vegetables) is one way to decrease oxidative damage and slow aging.

Fulvic acid is also a great way to fight the effects of free radical damage, as well as to clear the body of compounds which can contribute to this problem.

Fulvic acid has a very high ORAC rating. ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity [19]. The higher the ORAC rating is, the higher the antioxidant effects.

A study published in the Journal of Food Agriculture and Environment concluded that the antioxidant properties of fulvic acid support the idea that fulvic acid should be used in pharmaceuticals as an accessible source of natural antioxidants [20].


Research has made it clear that poor gut health is the backbone of inflammation and many diseases [21].

There is an ancient substances called shilajit which has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for over 5000 years.

This ancient medicine originated in India and is still used in traditional medicinal practices in many parts of Asia.

Shilajit, which contains fulvic acid, has been used primarily to improve gut and digestive health, as well as immune-based conditions (which predominantly stem from compromised gut health).

One common condition that fulvic acid can help to treat is leaky gut.

Leaky gut is defined by excessive permeability of the gut, leading to inflammation, compromised immunity, chronic inflammation and various other autoimmune reactions.

There is emerging evidence that fulvic acid has a lot of therapeutic potential to improve gut based diseases [22].

Another factor which defines whether the gut is healthy is the ratio of good to bad bacteria.

While bad bacteria will always exist in the gut, too much bad bacteria causes a host of problems.

Introducing fulvic acid into your diet as a supplement can help to increase the ratio of good bacteria in your gut, and therefore reduce symptoms such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea and food sensitivities.

The alleviation of these symptoms can help to improve diseases such as small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).


Did you know that shilajit was officially used by the USSR, as well as their space and Olympic teams as a means to improve workout recovery and minimize weakness?

Fulvic acid has been shown to be a great way to improve your recovery rate after a workout, as well as increase overall muscle strength and endurance.

One way in which fulvic acid can help to improve physical performance is by replenishing electrolytes after a workout. This helps to hydrate your muscles and prevent cramps.

Because fulvic acid helps to increase mitochondrial function and increases the production of ATP, this leads to an increase in physical performance – specifically with regards to strength and explosiveness.

The increase in ATP is ideal for athletes or a recreational gym goers.

Another way that fulvic acid can improve physical performance and muscular strength is through its effect on the endocrine system.

One study found that men between 45-55 who used shilajit for 90 days experienced a significant increase in testosterone [23].

Testosterone is the primary male hormone present in both men and women and is responsible for muscle hypertrophy (growth), maintaining a low and healthy body fat percentage, as well as improving overall physical performance.

The combined increase in ATP through increased mitochondrial efficiency and the increase in testosterone will work synergistically to improve recovery, muscle hypertrophy and performance.


Humic acids are a natural form of chelation therapy.

A chelate is defined as a compound which is bounded to a central metal atom.

Fulvic acid acts as a natural and non-invasive form of chelate therapy, and helps to remove dangerous heavy metals from the body.

Humic acids contain carboxylate and phenolates, which give humic acids the ability to act as natural chelates [24].

Research has shown that fulvic acids act as a potential mitigator of toxic metal absorption, as seen by reducing toxic metal agents in water [25].

One reason why fulvic acid is so powerful for both digestion and energy levels is due to its ability to detoxify the body.

Consuming humic acids helps to bind and break down toxins and metals which are consumed through one’s diet.

These toxins and metals can also make their way into the body through other environmental pollutants, such as household products and air pollution.


Research has confirmed that fulvic acid can decrease proinflammatory markers [26].

Chronic inflammation is one of the key driving factors of disease.

Chronic inflammation simply describes a range of illnesses which cause and accompany inflammation for a prolonged period of time.

While inflammation is a natural and healthy process in the body in acute bursts, chronic inflammation will cause pain, discomfort, and worst of all, increase one’s chances of developing a range of deadly diseases.

Because fulvic acid helps to ease inflammation, it is therefore likely that it will help to decrease pain associated with inflammation, such as joint pain, arthritis, headaches, migraines and other muscle pains.

The high electrolyte content of fulvic acid also helps reduce swelling and decreases inflammation.

Research has confirmed the anti-inflammatory properties of humic substances.

A mini review published in 2015 concluded that the antiinflammatory action of humate (the potassium salt of humic acid) helps to inhibit the release of inflammatory-related cytokines [27].

Cytokines are a number of different substances which are secreted by cells of the immune system which affect other cells.

There are a wide variety of cytokines. Some cytokines help to reduce inflammation and promote healing, while other cytokines (i.e pro-inflammatory ones) exacerbate inflammation.

Proinflammatory cytokines are something we want less of as they are positive mediators of inflammation. Thankfully, fulvic acid helps to inhibit proinflammatory cytokine secretion.


Contemporary scientific research surrounding longevity and aging is exciting, with new discoveries constantly being made.

New models of aging research suggest that one of the primary driving factors of aging is dictated by the health of an individual’s mitochondria [28, 29].

Aging can be simply defined as the body’s decreased ability to recover from stress, and more specifically, the ability of the mitochondria to recover from stress.

Take exercise as an example.

Exercise, despite being healthy, is acutely stressful on the body. A young person can take much more stress through exercise and therefore can recover faster.

As one ages, their ability to recover from exercise decreases due to their inability (down to a cellular level) to be as resilient to stress as they once were.

With more mitochondria comes more energy and a stronger resilience to stress. The number and state of one’s mitochondria is sharply correlated with aging. We also require mitochondria so that the body can create its own antioxidants.

And so as we age we are given the cliche advice of “eat healthy” and “move more”, which helps serve our mitochondria.

Fulvic acid not only helps to protect your mitochondria from damage, but it also helps increase the ability of the mitochondria to produce energy for longer periods of time [30].

Although there haven’t been any specific clinical trials observing an association between fulvic acid consumption and longevity (yet), the promise is there for fulvic acid to be a powerful anti-aging compound.

Because fulvic acid is anti-inflammatory, protects against oxidative stress, and is good for the mitochondria, it is more than probable that fulvic acid is incredibly beneficial for those of us trying to live a long and healthy life [31].


Evidence has shown that humic acids help improve skin health.

One study published in the Journal of Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigative Dermatology concluded that fulvic acid supplementation significantly improved symptoms associated with eczema compared to other commonly used eczema treatments [32].

Because fulvic acid has been proven to help with nutrient absorption, this also means that nutrients become more bioavailable for your skin, allowing for a deeper penetration.

Fulvic acid truly is an underrated natural compound rivalled by few others for its plethora of health benefits. Only Black Oxygen Organics has the superior ratio of BOTH fulvic and humic acid in high concentrations – to deliver the BEST and MOST POTENT solution in a one-stop-shop for all your health needs.

🦷 Oral Health Blueprint for Strengthening Teeth And Gums

You may be investing a lot of effort into your overall health right now, ensuring your immune system, digestive system, sleep routine, and stress levels are in fighting shape. But, make sure you’re not overlooking one crucial piece of the puzzle:

➡️ your dental health.

After all, where does the digestive system begin? Our oral health represents our overall health.

If you were to look up the digestive system in an anatomy and physiology textbook, you might be surprised to learn that the digestive system actually begins in the mouth. In fact, the mouth has its own microbiome (“oral biome”) which determines the health or disease of the so-called oral cavity. And, just like in the rest of the body, signs and symptoms in the mouth can indicate underlying disease —and not just disease of the mouth.

🦷 How Your Oral Heath Reflects The Rest of Your Body

Signs of disease in the mouth, like bad breath, gingivitis, cavities, dry mouth, and others may reflect some systemic health issues you may not even know are there. A 2015 study published in the Journal of Periodontology followed a population of African Americans with normal kidney function. Those who had severe periodontal disease were at four times the risk of later developing chronic kidney disease compared to those without severe periodontal disease within about five years. While gum disease and kidney disease may seem unrelated, it’s the underlying imbalances driving both that tie them together.

🦷 Here are some signs and symptoms of the gums and teeth and some of the potential causes:

▶️Red Gums

If you have red gums, you likely have been told you have “gingivitis,” inflammation of the gums. Red gums can also indicate inflammation throughout the body. Gingivitis is associated with uncontrolled blood sugar levels and diabetes. However, there are many other potential causes or contributing factors, such as smoking, dry mouth, vitamin C deficiency, immune deficiency, or bacterial or viral infections. Gingivitis is a mild form of periodontal disease.

▶️Pale Gums

Pale gums may be an indication of a hormone-related infection called menopausal gingivostomatitis. This happens because of atrophy of the mucosa surrounding the teeth with lowered estrogen and reduced blood flow and can be caused by a bacterial or viral infection. Pale gums can also be caused by other conditions that reduce blood flow to the gums, such as anemia, or from certain infections.

▶️Yellow Gums

Yellowish gums (as opposed to simply pale), especially along the teeth, can also indicate gingivitis. A yellow area on the gum, surrounding a tooth, is a sign of infection, like an abscess. The yellow comes from the pus that comes with the infection.

▶️Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can mean you have a lot of inflammation in your body, that you’re deficient in vitamin C or vitamin D, or that your hormones need help. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, bleeding gums may also be caused by vitamin K deficiency, bleeding disorders, some types of cancers, infections, and certain medications (namely, blood thinners.)


Cavities can be an indication of oral dysbiosis, dry mouth (as the saliva isn’t there to remineralize the teeth), systemic inflammation, increased blood sugar levels. According to the Cleveland Clinic, “The decline in estrogen that occurs with menopause also puts women at greater risk for bone loss or osteoporosis and inflammation of the tissues surrounding the teeth (called periodontitis). Loss of bone, specifically in the jaw, can lead to tooth loss. Receding gums can be a sign of bone loss in the jawbone and also expose more of the tooth surface to potential tooth decay.”

In short, balancing your blood sugar levels (by changing your diet and adding a few strategic supplements), as well as balancing your hormones play a major role.

▶️Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can indicate underlying blood sugar issues or diabetes. It can also be caused by autoimmune diseases such as Sjogren’s syndrome, nerve disorders, HIV/AIDS, radiation or chemotherapy, or certain medications.

🪴Why Women Are More Sensitive to Oral Health Issues

According to the Cleveland Clinic, “Women have an increased sensitivity to oral health problems because of the unique hormonal changes they experience. These hormonal changes not only affect the blood supply to the gum tissue, but also the body’s response to the toxins (poisons) that result from plaque build up. As a result of these changes, women are more prone to the development of periodontal disease at certain stages of their lives, as well as to other oral health problems.”

In general, women’s unique hormonal balance makes them prone to oral health issues, which we know can affect their overall health. It’s a vicious cycle. That’s why it’s especially important for us to take a serious look at our oral care routine.

🦷Take Care of Your Oral Health to Promote Overall Health

Not only can oral signs and symptoms indicate other health issues, but oral disease can also trigger or contribute to other health issues.

For example, periodontal disease can actually be a trigger for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. In addition, links have been made between periodontal disease and these serious health issues:

*️⃣Systemic inflammation

*️⃣High cholesterol

*️⃣Heart disease


*️⃣Alzheimer’s disease


*️⃣Kidney disease

*️⃣Pre-term or low birth weight babies

Dysbiosis of the mouth microbiome can even lead to dysbiosis of the gut microbiome. That occurs when saliva is swallowed and travels down through the rest of the digestive system. Ultimately, the negative impact on the balance of bacteria, gut barrier function, and the increase in inflammatory cytokines can contribute to autoimmune diseases, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.

So, what’s the solution? Taking your oral health seriously and optimizing your oral hygiene.

Mineral loss. Not good for bones, definitely not good for teeth.

In the old understanding of how minerals are incorporated into the body, there was a notion that the minerals were there while we were growing as children and the bones and teeth were strong or they weren’t, dooming a person to a life of “soft bones” or “soft teeth.”

A better understanding of how hard tissues, like bones and teeth, developed and led to a better understanding of the role of calcium in bone health and an awareness of how calcium-rich diets can improve bone health throughout an entire lifespan, not just the growing years. And yet, we were still told that teeth were only helped by minerals in childhood.

Happily, we have a much better understanding of mineral processes in the oral environment now than we have ever had before. We understand that lost minerals can be reintroduced to the teeth, and that remineralization strategies can make a huge difference for tooth health. While the enamel framework of a tooth is not naturally rebuilt by the body if it is lost, the minerals that fill out that framework can be replenished throughout daily life. Sure, the minerals can be lost, but they can also be replaced with stronger or weaker minerals based on what minerals are available.

There are more tools in the dental health kit than the dental drill. Using our understanding of how to strengthen weakened teeth has given us a blueprint for remineralizing teeth.

🪴 High pH – The Right Environment – BOO Fulvic Acid has a PH of 9

There’s a reason that paints and glues specify a temperature range at which they need to cure. The right environmental conditions lead to the right finished state. The same is true of the oral environment and keeping healthy teeth. A high pH environment allows for remineralized teeth.

There is a natural pH cycle in the mouth it drops after eating or drinking sweetened beverages, becoming more acidic, then the high acid environment dissolves minerals out of the teeth. In a healthy mouth, the pH rises with saliva after eating, allowing those minerals to redeposit on the teeth. If anything interrupts the rise in pH (frequent snacks, low saliva, etc.), there is a chance the minerals will be stripped away.

Keep the pH levels high by ingesting, brushing and swishing with Fulvic acid powder to help replenish the minerals that were dissolved away. This will give you the best chance at remineralizes your teeth.

Xylitol – The Finishing Touches – Chew organic gum or mix some xylitol powder in with your Fulvic powder for a winning combination toothpaste

Xylitol, a natural sweetener derived from birch trees or plant fiber, is a surprise champion for tooth health. It helps maintain oral health in multiple ways. In addition to killing cavity-causing bacteria by starving it to death, xylitol increases calcium absorption. It also helps raise saliva pH, making the oral environment more friendly for remineralization.

By following the blueprint for remineralized teeth, you have an almost foolproof way to re-harden your teeth, increasing their beauty and their strength.

Many health issues stem from micro-bacteria that starts in dental work (anyone with fillings or who has had a root canal is most vulnerable), and Fulvic acid kills that bacteria. It also restores enamel. Fluoride disrupts proper iodine absorption and interferes with conversion of T4 to T3 for proper thyroid function (amongst other unsavory things), Now you can make your own fluoride-free toothpaste at home, but unlike other “natural” toothpastes that make your teeth more vulnerable to cavities, it contains many minerals that can be used by the body to replenish lost enamel minerals and encourage new bone growth and development.

Fulvic Acid has an alkaline PH which reduces harmful bacteria and fights acidity, gently whitens and polishes teeth and removes stains, while reducing plaque and tartar.

🪥The Problem with Typical Toothpaste

It’s vital to take care of your dental health for the benefit of your whole body. You probably already know that excess sugar can harm your dental health, as it throws off your oral microbiome. But, the very things you use to care for your teeth may be working against you. Typical toothpaste and dental products can be downright toxic, and they’re used in one of the most highly absorbent parts of your body.

🪴Some of the most problematic ingredients found in toothpaste are:


Fluoride is in many toothpastes, even natural ones. Fluoride is a neurotoxin which can build up in your pineal gland over time. The pineal gland helps to regulate circadian rhythm by producing melatonin. If the pineal gland is doing its job of producing adequate melatonin, it’s going to be difficult to get good sleep. Not only that, but a decrease in melatonin levels is associated with increased risk of chronic disease, including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

According to a report by the National Academies of Sciences’ National Research Council, fluoride is also an endocrine disruptor. While the mechanisms have yet to be identified, there is good amount of scientific evidence to back up this claim. Calcium balance and enzymes that activate hormones are some of the ways fluoride may work against hormone balance. Fluoride also inhibits the thyroid gland. In fact, in the 1950s, Fluoride was used to suppress an overactive thyroid.

Since fluoride works against enzymes, it can have a very negative effect on the microbiome whether it’s in the mouth or the gut. In the gut, prolonged exposure to fluoride is associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

*️⃣Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

A surfactant (detergent or foaming agent). The manufacturing process (ethoxylation) sometimes results in contamination with dioxanes, which are known to be carcinogens. SLS may also negatively impact the oral microbiome.


Triggers intestinal inflammation. Carrageenan is used in animal studies to trigger Ulcerative Colitis, an Inflammatory Bowel Disease. This can also lead to an increased risk of cancer.

*️⃣Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide is a whitening agent that has toxic effects on the neurological system and the immune system. Basically, it can lead to brain inflammation, allergies, and cell damage.

*️⃣Hydrated Silica

Hydrated silica is harsh abrasive that may be damaging to the teeth and gums.

*️⃣Natural Flavors

When a product’s ingredient label says “natural flavors,” the company has no requirement to disclose the ingredients. Since we don’t know the ingredients, we don’t know whether they include toxic chemicals.

⁉️So then what are my options⁉️

🔆Well, let’s do a comparison:

🚫Colgate Cavity Protection Toothpaste with Fluoride:

Active Ingredient: Sodium Monofluorophosphate (0.76% (0.15% w/v Fluoride Ion)). Purpose: Anticavity. Inactive Ingredients: Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Water, Glycerin, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Cellulose Gum, Flavor, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Sodium Saccharin.

❌The Safety Warning on the label should really give us a clue:

Safety Warning Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

❗️Yikes. Keep toothpaste away from children? It seems like we are supposed to teach them about oral hygiene from early on.

Furthermore, this market leader contains many of the ingredients discussed above —none of which belong in your mouth.

🛑Time to find another option. So, what about the popular “natural” option, Tom’s of Maine?

⛔️Tom’s of Maine

Tom’s of Maine has been marketed as a “natural” and healthy product. What most customers don’t know is that Tom’s of Maine is now owned by Colgate-Palmolive.

Let’s take a look at their fluoride-free option.

⛔️Tom’s of Maine Fluoride-Free Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste:

Calcium carbonate, glycerin, water, xylitol, hydrated silica, mentha viridis (spearmint) leaf oil and other natural flavors, sodium lauryl sulfate, zinc citrate, Chondrus crispus (carrageenan), sodium bicarbonate.

Again, here we have sodium lauryl sulfate and carrageenan, both of which can trigger disease, including cancer. The one ingredient that is of value here is calcium carbonate as it cleans teeth. Apart from that, there is nothing in Tom’s toothpaste that fights bacteria, helps with remineralization, or promotes healthy salivation.

✅There are, however, clean dental products that’ll truly help you do just that: clean your mouth, and support a healthy oral microbiome. In fact, these products are so good, they can help cavities repair themselves because they remineralize teeth. And what’s the best part? You can make it yourself at home!!! We also promote healthy dental practices like oil pulling, an Ayurvedic technique where you swish oil in your mouth, removing toxins. For those who suffer from receding gums, regular oil pulling can reduce the impact of my receding gums.

❇️Here’s how to make your own toothpaste at home using one or more of these ingredients together to formulate your own powdered toothpaste!

✅Fulvic Acid – the main ingredient – Fulvic acid comes from ancient soil —humus, or peat. This extract contains over 70 trace and macro minerals, 14 amino acids, 5 vitamins, and 16 organic acids. The fulvic acid helps the cell absorb and use nutrients more efficiently. It also helps in the detoxification of the mouth, helping to heal and repair tissue.

✳️Optional additives✳️

✅Calcium Montmorillonite Bentonite Clay (food grade) – This green clay is a mild abrasive that helps to polish and whiten teeth. It’s rich in minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica and potassium, which help support remineralization of the teeth and are also beneficial to the gums.

✅Kaolin Clay – This white clay is rich in naturally occurring silica. It’s a very fine powder. As a result, it gently cleans teeth with its mild abrasiveness. It also absorbs toxins and helps remineralize the teeth.

✅Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate) – Baking soda is a mild abrasive that helps clean and whiten teeth by removing built-up plaque. The alkaline powder in baking soda can also help prevent bacteria from growing in your mouth

✅Himalayan Salt – Himalayan salt can be used in the toothpaste to stimulate the natural production of saliva, helping to balance the oral microbiome and keep the mouth clean. Salt also helps to soothe inflamed tissue.

✅Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha Piperita) – This oil comes from the leaves of the peppermint plant. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory which helps prevent gingivitis.

✅Cinnamon Essential Oil (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum or Cinnamomum verum) – This oil comes from the bark From the bark of a Cinnamon tree, native to Sri Lanka. Cinnamon is the most effective essential oil at killing the bacteria that cause tooth decay (cavities).

✅Clove Essential Oil (Eugenia Caryophyllata) – This oil comes from the clove evergreen tree. It has long been used in the dental industry to numb the gums. Clove is the most effective ingredient against the bacteria that causes periodontal disease. It’s a powerful antioxidant oil that adds a spicy flavor.

✅Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) – This oil comes from the leaves of the Tea Tree Plant, a tall shrub in the myrtle family. Tea tree essential oil is antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Two of its constituents, cineol and propanol, can decrease gingivitis and reduce plaque.

✅Anise Essential Oil (Illicium Verum) – This oil comes from the fruit of the anise plant. It’s antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal. It also adds a pleasant, licorice-like flavor.

♻️5 Steps to Detox Your Mouth

How Your Oral Health Impacts the Rest of Your Body

✅Step 1: Detox | Tongue Cleaner – brush a pinch of Fulvic acid powder onto your tongue and let sit for 30 seconds to one minute before brushing off.

Benefits: Physically removes bacteria and toxins from tongue to freshen breath and reduce bad bacteria. Your body detoxes all night and delivers waste to the tongue—this is the only effective way to physically remove bacteria from your mouth (a toothbrush is ineffective and redistributes the gunk).

How to: Place on tongue as far back as comfortable. Brush off or use a tongue scraper to remove the unwanted coating. This is best done first thing in the morning.

✅Step 2: Brush Teeth | Homemade Mineral Toothpowder

Benefits: Your homemade Fulvic toothpowder can help to control bad bacteria while gently cleaning and supporting remineralization with bioavailable minerals. A key to preventing and controlling gum disease is brushing around and under the gum line where bacteria and plaque accumulate.

How to: Wet the toothbrush and shake off any excess water. Dip the top half of your toothbrush in the powder (you don’t need much). Brush gently at a 45-degree angle using a light circular motion, paying close attention to getting under the gum line.

✅Step 3: Floss | Infused Activated Charcoal Flossers (I get mine from target)

Benefits: Physically removes plaque, bacteria and debris at the gum line and in between teeth while delivering essential oils (bad bacteria fighters) and fulvic acid (trace minerals). Not flossing has been linked to a host of diseases—and not only in the mouth.

✅Step 4: Detox | Oil Pulling Mouthwash – Add a punch of Fulvic powder and a few drops of essential oils

Benefits: Controls bacteria, detoxes mouth and can help detox body systemically (based on frequency and length of time pulling).

How to: Take a teaspoon-sized sip, swish and pull oil through your teeth and gums for a minimum of 5 minutes and up to 20 (the longer the better to get the full effects of detoxing your mouth and body). Spit into garbage) when done and rinse. Then brush your teeth.

Do this at least 2 to 3 times a week. If you have an active infection (eg. cavity, gingivitis) consider oil pulling 3 times daily. Hard to find the time or can’t do it first thing in the morning? Consider pulling while you’re in the shower. This is best done in the morning.

✅Step 5: Detox & Boost | Fulvic Mineral Powder Drink

Benefits: Nourishes teeth and gums from the inside out while also boosting electrolytes/hydration and detoxing liver. Fulvic acid provides bioavailable forms of trace minerals, macro minerals, naturally occurring vitamins, amino acids and organic acids to every cell.

How to: Add 1/4-1/2 tsp to your morning glass of filtered water along with a big twist of lemon and a pinch of sea salt (such as Himalayan salt), to your morning coffee or tea or to your favorite flavored drink pack. This is a powerful way to detox and rehydrate. This is best done in the morning on an empty stomach.

Why settle for simply “non-toxic” oral care when you can actually improve your dental health with beneficial oils and minerals? Good health starts in the digestive tract… which starts with your mouth! ✨😁

🌿 Plant Derived Minerals vs Metallic Minerals and why as a natural health and wellness coach do I only recommend the synergy of BOO Fulvic & Humic acids?

If you’re taking vitamins without minerals, you’re wasting your money.

“The human body needs at least 60 (plant) minerals to maintain a disease and ailment free state” and “Vitamins are basically useless in the absence of minerals” – Dr. Gary Price-Todd


– How many people are diagnosed and given drugs without the doctor asking how are your mineral levels?

– Why don’t the drugs work for so many conditions?

– Why are so many people seeing incredible results when they consume the high quality synergy of BOO Fulvic and humic acids?

Understanding The Basics (As Nature Intended)

What you must understand is that nature did not intend for you to eat soil, rocks or clay, have you tried it?

Well if you buy mineral supplements or food fortified with minerals, 9 times out of 10 you will be doing just that… and eating metallic minerals that your body does not understand and struggles to absorb. In fact, if the levels of metallic minerals are high enough they can be toxic. Plants are supposed to digest metallic minerals, NOT YOU.

Did you know metallic minerals are changed by the plants to become water soluble minerals? These are the minerals that both animals and humans can safely eat, in fact, we must eat if we want to be healthy. It’s exactly the same for the following minerals as well.

Most scientific studies isolate minerals and vitamins from each other in order to study and market them. However, the natural proportions of Plant Derived Minerals created by Mother Nature suvh as humic and Fulvic acids synergise for the best digestion and balance possible. Most importantly, they are pure, 100% natural, plant digested and are the absolute best for the optimum health of both animals and people.

You must give your body all the raw materials it requires to maintain and renew itself in order to achieve a healthy life. The raw materials so vital to your health can be challenging to find. Centuries of mining, farming, irrigation and acid rain have eroded life giving minerals from our soil.

Mineral deficient soils are then used to grow and cultivate our food. Because of this, our food is lacking in the essential plant minerals necessary to live a long and healthy life. It’s not surprising that when your body is robbed of essential plant minerals it is unable to repair, rebuild and protect itself against illness and disease.

The shocking fact that millions are suffering around the world because of mineral depletion in the soils has been confirmed by THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, The UK Ministry of Agriculture, UNICEF and The Royal Society of Chemistry. Even tests on USA soil show a massive 85% depletion!! This is devastating to our health.

“The root of all disease is directly related to a lack of minerals” – Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Winner)

This one sentence has killed more people than all the wars in American history: ” You get all the nutrition you need from the four food groups.” – Dr. Wallach

“We should be eating plant based minerals” – Dr. Carolyn Dean MD. ND.




🌿 Here’s how it’s supposed to work…

-The plant digests the metallic minerals from the soil.

-The plant adds a hydrogen atom and completely changes the molecular structure of the metallic minerals.

(The metallic minerals are transformed into ‘food state’ minerals).

-The human or animal eats the plants containing ‘Plant Derived Minerals’.

-The human or animal can absorb nearly 100% of the plant derived minerals that all the cells in the body need for them to work correctly.

🌿 …and here are 4 simples reasons why there is so much unexplained bad health around the world:

-Soils globally are dramatically depleted of minerals, up to 85% loss.

-Modern food processing is stripping out minerals.

-Minerals you buy in shops are cheap, mainly metallic and ineffective with minimal absorption.

-The vitamins you are actually getting from food are basically useless in the absence of minerals.

🌿 ‘Organic’ Vs `Inorganic’ (Metallic Vs Plant Derived)

Plant Derived Minerals are truly the most efficient way to get your minerals. You can absorb almost 100% of them. Metallic Minerals are MASSIVE compared to Plant Derived Minerals. Plant Derived Minerals have a small particle size. To give you a comparison: a red blood cell is 7 microns. A Plant Derived Mineral particle is 0.01 micron (or less): that is 1/7000th the size of a red blood cell.

Due to its nanite size, BOO fulvic & humic acids move easily into cells including crossing the blood brain barrier. It bonds to nutrients, carrying up to sixty times its molecular weight in nutrition into the cell. BOO Fulvic acid also bonds to waste inside the cell, removing up to sixty times its weight in toxins, heavy metals and pesticides.

Plant Derived Minerals move around in our bodies through our blood, and we store these minerals in our cells. The small size of Plant Derived Minerals is ideal. The negative charge means they are easily attracted and absorbed in the intestine.

Currently, there are two types of mineral product on the market. First, there is the inorganic metallic mineral product which is a combination of rocks & clays (the cheap ones you find in shops that are chemically extracted and processed) and secondly, there is the organic plant derived mineral product which consists of a combination of minerals derived from prehistoric plant material you can find in the synergy of BOO Fulvic & Humic acids.

Those inorganic metallic minerals consisting of rocks & clays, whether from plain inorganic sources or chelated inorganic sources, have an electromagnetic charge that is positive. The minerals from organic sources, consisting of plant derived minerals, have an electromagnetic charge that is negative. Whether the electromagnetic charge is positive or negative is a major factor that affects mineral availability and subsequent absorption: unfortunately, it is a factor about which very little is understood by manufacturers, consumers and health professionals alike.

It is plants and their unique chemistry that are responsible for the conversion of a mineral’s electromagnetic charge from positive – found in rocks and clays, to negative – found in all plants. Minerals are absorbed by plants in their free positively-charged independent ionic state. A plant’s root hairs are the sites of absorption of nutrients from soil and water. Because of chemical processes in the plant during photosynthesis which involve chlorophyll, the positive electromagnetic charges on the minerals are changed to negative.

You now understand why humans were intended by nature to derive

their minerals by eating plants as opposed to rocks and dirt!

The electromagnetic charge of organic sourced plant minerals is one of the most important factors affecting the rate of intestinal absorption. Manufacturers of organic-sourced products have recently confused this complex issue of electro-magnetics by stating that the human intestine is negatively charged and therefore, negative minerals would be repelled rather than absorbed: Perhaps the following explanation will clear up this misunderstanding…

All living cells – (the cells of the intestine are no exception) – produce an electrochemical gradient which is positive on the outside and negative on the inside due to the action of the sodium-potassium pump. There has been some question about this since some of the physiology textbooks state that the wall of the intestine is negatively charged. The covering of the intestinal wall, the endothelium, is, according to the textbooks, negatively charged due to the fuzzy coat of hyaluronic acid which is a mucopolysaccharide. However, this negative charge only occurs when the pH is 7 (neutrality). At a pH of 7, the carboxyl groups of glucuronic acid, a monosaccharide of hyaluronic acid, is completely ionised creating a negative charge at the intestinal wall.

The problem with this theoretical explanation of why the intestinal wall may be negatively charged is that a pH of 7, neutrality, is simply incompatible with life!

As living organisms, we have millions of chemical and enzymatic processes going on at all times. Our body fluids are, at any moment in time, at various points in the body: either a pH of more than 7 (alkaline) or a pH of less than 7 (acidic). At pH’s other than 7 (neutral), all living cells, as discussed above, produce an electrochemical gradient which is positive on the outside. Therefore, negatively charged plant derived minerals are attracted to a greater extent than their positively charged inorganic counterparts.

The reason for the lower absorption percentage for inorganic metallic minerals, as compared with organic plant derived minerals can now be understood. It is due to the fact that these types of minerals, sourced from inorganic rocks and clay, whether chelated or not, have a positive charge. The intestinal wall has an extracellular charge which is positive. Like charges repel one another, thus impeding absorption. The positively charged intestinal wall attracts particles that are negatively charged. Since opposite charges attract there is a much greater absorption of plant derived minerals.

Elemental (metallic) Minerals, that are not plant derived or positively ionised cannot be absorbed correctly, they can accumulate in joints and tissues causing toxicity and disease.

Perhaps this can help to explain why an isolated Fulvic or isolated humic acid derived from rock or shale did not give you the same results as the synergy and potency that can be found in BOO Fulvic acid.

Minerals and Taste

“We all know 8 minerals are sufficient to raise large, red, juicy tomatoes, but many times if you were blindfolded while eating, you would have trouble identifying the tomatoes due to a lack of taste. The lack of taste is due to a lack of minerals which causes a lack of Brix. Soil depletion is the only reason today’s plants contain no more than 16 to 20 minerals, on average, compared to at least 75 minerals millions of years ago.

Mineral Requirements in Animals and Humans

“Millions of years ago the soil near the earth’s surface, where our plants are grown, was saturated with dozens of minerals. At least 84 minerals were available nearly everywhere and some areas of the planet did contain 100 minerals. The plants of prehistoric times were rich in minerals because there was an abundant supply for them to feed upon from the soil. When a plant grows it draws available minerals from the soil.

We now know the mineral content of plants has been severely altered throughout the last several million years and drastically altered during the last 100 years.

“When man began to till the soil, wind and rain erosion began to take its toll along with continuous cropping which gradually caused the soils to lack minerals. In fact, this can result in ‘dead fields’ where NOTHING will grow, farmers then need to scatter fertilizer (minerals) on the soil. Mineral depletion also compromises a plant’s immune system so it has weakened defences. This results in the need for carcinogenic pesticides. “What a sad state of affairs we have gotten ourselves into”.

“According to research in the animal husbandry field and The National Science Foundation, animals require at least 45 minerals, 12 essential amino acids, 16 vitamins, and 3 essential fatty acids. According to Gary Price Todd, M.D., the human body requires at least 60 minerals for optimal health and basically the same other essentials as animals.

Only 8 minerals are available in any kind of quantity in most of the food we eat today. We know plants can make vitamins, amino acids and varying amounts of fatty acids, if they are healthy from being grown in soils containing abundant minerals. If the soil lacks minerals, the plant is stunted because a plant cannot make minerals.”

All over the world now, our soils are mineral deficient because of the extended use of fertilizers and “maximum yield” mass farming methods.

Do your body a favour and treat yourself to

Plant Derived Minerals that can be found in BOO Fulvic acid on a daily basis.

Mercury, fluoride, aluminium. They’re all really bad for us, right?

We’ve heard for years about numerous health issues, deaths and birth defects caused by heavy metal poisoning from metals such as lead and arsenic. There are elements and minerals that are toxic if they come from an inorganic or metallic source and in large amounts.

When plants use minerals from the ground, they are digested, making them ionic or electrical in nature. This makes it easier for your body to assimilate and use the minerals at a cellular level. Inorganic minerals aren’t easy for your body to use. They’re stored in the tissues and eventually large amounts build up and become extremely toxic.

Mother Nature has provided us with wonderful plant based trace (micro) minerals and elements in very safe minute amounts, delivered in a way that your body can use them properly and benefit greatly from them. They are essential for good health if they come from an organic or plant source such as BOO Fulvic acid. For example, we all know how healthy apples can be, especially if they are spray free or organic. However, did you know that an apple contains 3-5 mg of aluminium and trace amounts of lead, arsenic and mercury? Another example is iodine, which in an organic form is necessary for health, however non-organic or metallic iodine can kill you.

We need to be careful of exposure to heavy metals because these ions are stored in the cells where they compete for biological space with vitamins, minerals and proteins. The result is that cells become toxic and malnourished because the heavy metals are taking up all the room in the cells.

Research shows that Fulvic Acid and organic plant derived minerals have the unique capacity to bind with these toxins and heavy metals and literally carry them out of your body every day.

🌿 Metallic Aluminium vs Water Soluble Aluminium

It is the second most abundant mineral on the earth, second only to silica. Aluminium is in virtually every food we eat!

Let’s take some common foods like broccoli, grapes, almonds, apples, carrots, tomatoes:

5 contain significant amounts of aluminium!

Celery has over 190,000 ppb per 100 grams

Nutmeg has over 113,000 ppb in 100 grams

2 contain arsenic!

5 contain strontium!

How could this possibly be?

It’s because they are no longer poisonous, but in contrast, are all very healthy in their water soluble form.

Please note that this is NOT the metallic kind of aluminium that is contained in many deodorants; used for cooking pots and pans or contained in aluminium foil. Please avoid this kind of aluminium as it is very bad for your health.

Do you know that one glass of skimmed milk contains more aluminium than one week’s supply of the Paradise Nutrients’ minerals?

🌿 Arsenic

Found in edible plants such as mushrooms…

Gives us healthy cartilage and fingernails amongst other functions in our body

So, metallic arsenic will kill you dead, but plant derived arsenic is needed within your body!

Do you also know that most people, even medical practitioners, do not understand this principle? Consequently, they are not aware of the difference between the two types of minerals. If you didn’t know it before, you’re learning it right now!

According to food chemistry, plant derived minerals are 98% to 100% absorbed by the body.

In brief, just to make sure you are clear… you cannot just eat dirt containing iron ore, iron filings or rust flakes and expect to absorb them into your system. But when you eat plants that have grown on top of iron ore, or soil containing iron filings or rust flakes, that’s entirely different. You will also receive the iron if you consume animals who have eaten those same plants. Your body can readily extract the iron your body needs for health. Similarly, it is the same for all minerals, whether it’s aluminium, iron, arsenic, mercury, lead, fluoride, calcium etc. etc.

All the foods on this list contain colloidal arsenic. You’ve been eating it every day!








Black Pepper and most spices


Brussels Sprouts


Celery (over 190,000 PPB of Aluminium in Celery –approx 100 gram)


Chilli powder

Cinnamon Powder



Corn, (lots in corn)


Egg Plant



Leaf crops




Nutmeg (over 113,000 PPB of Aluminium in approx 100 gram)

Palm Oil







Root Crops


Small Grains




Wheat (lots in wheat)

and the list keeps on going…

🌿 Mercury

Who’d have thought that the mercury mentioned in the above list is not harmful at all, but in fact is required by your body for health. Whenever mercury may be listed as an ingredient of fresh food produce or meat, you have nothing to worry about.

You’ve heard though that we should be wary of the mercury found in fish, which is talking about metallic mercury, not water soluble mercury. Do you see the difference?

The bigger the fish, the faster it swims, the more wary we should be, in fact, I wouldn’t consume any large fish. For example shark meat which is commonly called flake, because they are the top of the food chain. Each fish in turn eats other fish smaller than themselves so the mercury builds up the larger the fish is.

Have you ever wondered if you are receiving the correct amount of minerals in your diet?

Are you taking a mineral supplement? If so, you need to take a good look at the bottle to see if your supplement contains just a few minerals or whether it contains the whole spectrum of minerals as found in Fulvic and humic acids. Moreover, there’s a good chance if you bought your mineral supplement from the supermarket, the local chemist, pharmacy or even from a health shop, that you are not consuming the right kind. For the most part, I’m sorry to tell you, they won’t be doing you much good.

Plant Derived Minerals such as Fulvic and humic acids are Absolutely Essential for Health

Now that you know about plant derived minerals vs metallic minerals, if you are desiring to supplement your diet with a large variety of these minerals, you couldn’t do better than those provided by BOO Fulvic and humic acid with its unique blend of Fulvic and humic for optimal cellular remineralization. As an integrative nutrition health coach who has helped countless people improve their quality of life with this product, they come with my highest recommendation. The powder is also so versatile that it can suit everyone, one way or another!


There’s a body of research and scientific papers indicating that fulvic acid offers a significant spectrum of benefits for people afflicted with various autoimmune conditions.

⤵️These benefits are summarised below.⤵️
👉🏼Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and, to a degree, fibromyalgia are all arthritis-related conditions triggered by a defective immune system (collectively called autoimmune conditions). When one’s immune system, responsible for fighting viruses, bacteria and germs, cannot tell the difference between these foreign invaders and one’s healthy cells, it creates auto antibodies that attack healthy tissue. These autoantibodies cause inflammation pain and damage in various parts of the body.

Although the direct causes of specific autoimmune conditions are not yet fully understood, doctors have found that people with rheumatoid arthritis have lower levels of common antioxidants in their blood in the years before the disorder is diagnosed. Also, arthritis (but also osteoporosis, cardiovascular disorders, and others) has been directly linked to a lack of minerals.

Fulvic acid certainly possesses properties, which make it a good candidate for helping in various autoimmune conditions:

(1) Fulvic acid contains lots of phytochemicals of ancient plant origin, which have the most valuable nutrients, provide anti-oxidant action and have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

(2) Fulvic acid effectively helps to dissolve vegetal silica for collagen, it thus repairs, strengthens and protects connective tissue: ligaments, tendons and joints.

(3) Fulvic acid is known to be one of the strongest natural anti-oxidants and free-radical scavengers. It is proven that fulvic acid can effectively neutralise and even repair some free radicals, which limits free radical damage.

(4) Fulvic acid provides the most effective cellular oxygenation in Nature. Its molecule, by weight, is made of 45% oxygen, 45% carbon and the balance of 10% is made of hydrogen, nitrogen and sulphur. This highly bio-active and bio-available oxygen goes straight inside body cells providing sustained energy, cleansing and protection.

(5) Fulvic acid chelates into its molecular structure more than 70 minerals and trace elements, which are then effectively transported to the body cells. Many of these essential elements are conductive, which makes fulvic acid a natural electrolyte

The baleotherapeutic use of peat, rich in humic substances (humic and fulvic acids), is practiced for centuries. Traditional indication for such therapies are rheumatic and gynaecological diseases. Many clinics in Europe offer peat therapies for muscoskoskeletal diseases: degenerative and deforming arthroses, gout, osteoporosis, muscular rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, rehabilitation after operations and accident, and skin diseases: chronic eczema neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

Not only do the humic substances relieve swelling from joint inflammation, they have been shown to bond to the collagen fibers to aid in repair of damaged tendons and bone. Tendon strength has been shown to increase by as much as 75%.

Fulvic acid and vegetal silica appear to have the unique ability to interact positively with degenerative calcium deposits and unhealthy bone structures in the body. Arthritis sufferers taking a combination of fulvic and humic acids and vegetal silica have noticed an immediate and marked increase in discomfort, and this has continued for 1 to 2 weeks or sometimes longer after beginning of use. This discomfort is believed to be due to the breakdown of calcium deposits in the joints and its ongoing and subsequent mobilization, dissolution, and removal. It is further believed that these calcium deposits react with the fulvic and humic acids minerals, and silica and transmutate it to more suitable forms that become beneficial to the body.

🚀Fulvic acid has been shown to be a great way to improve your recovery rate after a workout, as well as increase overall muscle strength and endurance.

▪️One way in which fulvic acid can help to improve physical performance is by replenishing electrolytes after a workout.

💪🏼This helps to hydrate your muscles and prevent cramps.

👣 Because fulvic acid helps to increase mitochondrial function and increases the production of ATP, this leads to an increase in physical performance – specifically with regards to strength and explosiveness.

▪️The increase in ATP is ideal for athletes or a recreational gym goers.

▪️Another way that fulvic acid can improve physical performance and muscular strength is through its effect on the endocrine system. One study found that men between 45-55 who used shilajit for 90 days experienced a significant increase in testosterone.

🔍Testosterone is the primary male hormone present in both men and women and is responsible for muscle hypertrophy (growth), maintaining a low and healthy body fat percentage, as well as improving overall physical performance.

▪️The combined increase in ATP through increased mitochondrial efficiency and the increase in testosterone will work synergistically to improve recovery,
muscle hypertrophy and performance.

Life is so wild and amazing

No matter how many times I experience this phenomenon, it never ceases to thrill me. I feel in awe of what can transpire within us in just a day. The last few days I was feeling so low. Sad, uninspired, confused and a little bitter. I felt a depression I haven’t felt in a long time. Another layer of shadows surfacing to be engaged. Another skin becoming uncomfortable and preparing to be shed. I felt a bit tired of shedding to be honest and was fucking over it. I wanted a break. I wanted to feel a sense of belonging. I felt so lonely and tired. I got lots of sleep but the day was stressful as my internet kept giving out during my sessions. This added to my feelings of agitation and frustration of feeling so uprooted. The transition felt like it had been a year already since leaving Peru and I felt every moment of it in my bones. Cranky and bitchy.

I got some lunch with my friend and we had a really great conversation and he’s a wonderful listener. I told him I was in a mood and feeling regretful and like maybe I had made a mistake moving here leaving such a perfect homestead with amazing community etc etc and maybe I was just crazy and impulsive etc etc… My friends first reaction was to say oh god don’t think like that! Don’t even go there! And I said but it’s TRUE. I need to go all the way into these feelings and fully engage them with deep approval for them to dissolve. Obviously I am here now and I’m going to continue creating my beautiful life but this doubt and questioning is just part of the process. So I honored where I was at and have myself all the permission in the world to feel everything that I was feeling and totally gave space to all of those “undesirable” thoughts and sensations.

Through hearing myself speak my truth I realized that there was nothing to do but be gentle with myself. To acknowledge how intense the last couple months have been for me and to just surrender to the uncomfortable feelings. My friend said some really helpful things about the nature of initiation. He reminded me that if I truly want to experience my most empowered and liberated self – that I am going to go through an unbelievably intense rite of passage in order to get there. That it’s supposed to be hard right now. That meeting every one of my doubts and confronting every fear I have is naturally going to be a bit stressful. He also reminded me that things that scared the living daylights out of me only a week ago I find laughable now. It’s been an amazing gift to have such a clear reflection from someone who has just met me here and has been my most present witness during my whole series of (mis?)adventures. I feel like I have been deep diving into the darkest of underwater caverns and that I finally just came up to the surface to breathe and regain my senses. In turning my focus to kindness and gentleness towards myself, I started to soften. It was ok to feel all of those things and that I was just going to hold my own hand and listen. I was just going to hold space for myself and fully experience it all.

That night I felt ready to give my first real offering to the land here in Mexico. I had so much resistance before and now I understand why. As I bled into the offering cups and filled them with herbs and oils, I immediately felt a peace come over me. Connecting with my prayers and the beauty of my pain. Tears filled my eyes as I felt everything start to flow and ground and integrate. I felt myself relax and surrender to it all.

As I worked on my book I started to feel so grateful to be here in Mexico and like I was about to now really meet her for the first time. All that seemed scary before just feels exciting now. There was a question of whether or not it was going to work out with this big beautiful house in April and I let that go too. That if it fell through that it just meant that somewhere else is calling me and that I would explore Valle de Bravo. It’s a beautiful lake town just a couple hours north of here and I let myself open up to really being led. Options opened up there as well and today I was offered an adorable cabin in the woods there. It is super small but sooo charming and brand new and would be a great place to set up a garden. I just received confirmation that the big house in Tepoz is mine for sure if I want it – I just have to wait until May instead. So do I want the secluded forest witch cabin and jump right back into creating a garden and having chickens etc… or do I want to stay in town in a palace with a pool? I can also do a raised bed garden there, but no birds. I really don’t know what I want, but I know I will when it’s time to make a choice! So now I have 5 weeks to explore Valle de Bravo and feel into both places. I know if I just keep listening to my heart I will find where I belong.

In the meantime I have a sweet little garden studio that is comfortable and has great energy. I’m feeling so grateful and inspired and I know this next chapter is going to rock my world. I can feel the magic inside me growing and I am ready to receive what I’ve got coming to me.

So if you are also feeling the heavies, I invite you to welcome them and listen to them and give deep approval to every single part of you that is expressing itself. Transmutation happens when we deliberately engage all that we would normally ignore or push away. The joy we are looking for is just on the other side of that pain we are avoiding. Feel it all, embrace it all, respect yourself and trust in your process. We are truly being led.

Sending you all so much love from wild and beautiful Mexico

The Haunted House and a portal to Hell

If I thought that the energy of my weird landlords was intense – they paled in comparison to what I experienced next. Absolute peanuts. So instead of making my poor self wait another 3 days in that place where I did not feel comfortable with the owner – I decided to move out early the next morning and I kept my stuff at a friends house while I waited for the country house to be ready. They weren’t expecting me until Saturday but they were happy to do a quick clean and let me arrive early. I felt proud of myself for taking care of my inner children and apologized for even thinking of making them stay that long. I was promising to them that as soon as they speak up – I’m getting them to safety right away – not in three days. Again no amount of money loss would matter. The owner was very upset that I was leaving without telling him and kept asking me to come back but I made it clear that that was not going to happen and that I didn’t need a refund. Just to leave peacefully.

So now we are off to the country house in the woods. The first strange thing was when the woman, Mariana, wrote me saying that the address on the website was wrong and that she would send me the real location. Not only was in not in the same neighborhood at all – it was 25 minutes driving distance out of town. I figured that it might be too far for long term but that a nice retreat in the woods might be just what I needed. So we get out there and my taxi friend Victor was already laughing and teasing me saying “this is way too far away – you know I am going to be picking you up and moving you back to the center in no time!” I decided to just check it out and at least give it a chance. When we arrive the people are very nice but the house was 10 times more rustic than I had imagined. Chalupa loved the big yard though and seemed to light up when she had the chance to really run around. There was a really intense chemical smell throughout the whole house and at first it just seemed like they had just finished bleaching everything and that it would fade as the house aired out. I felt really disappointed that it wasn’t going to be my place but I made the decision to just enjoy the time I was there and to focus on being grateful that I was away from the creepy dude and closer to nature.

Chalupa and I take a walk on the expansive grounds and I notice that the forest seemed very dark and kind of spooky. The energy of the trees and everything just seemed kind of heavy and strange. I had been through a lot though and had not slept for more than a couple of hours did the last few nights so I just tried to focus on finally getting some rest. I wasn’t going to stay here long so might as well just enjoy it for what it was and start looking for my next place. I was feeling kind of negative and bummed out so I thought it might be a good time to have a little smoke and get myself in a better mood. So I have a little joint and I immediately feel my heart open and my system relax. I honestly felt great! I could laugh at my whole situation and look at it as an adventure that was dissolving my 8 years long writing block and just felt really connected to myself.

I look at the two bedrooms upstairs and decide to sleep up there as there was more windows and better air flow. The smell on the bedding and all over the house is really strong though and I was surprised that it hadn’t dissipated at all even with the windows open for a couple hours. I was able to get into this really great headspace anyway and started dancing around, deciding that I was going to enjoy my experience no matter where I was and that it was only temporary. At least I was safe and could relax.

So I start to burn some sage to cleanse and bless the house and hopefully clear some of the weird smell out of there. A giant and sudden wind starts to blow through the whole property and it was so strong that a couple of the windows slammed shut. As I go upstairs with the sage I notice that I start to feel kind of anxious. This was strange as I said I had just gotten into a really good mood and had surrendered to the situation for the night. As I walked around and saged the windows I started to feel agitated. I could have sworn I hear a voice say “don’t come up here” and I admit I told myself I had just smoked for the first time in a long time and it probably just brought up some of the built up anxiety to the surface. I brought my sheets upstairs to make up the bed in the room with the best airflow. And I hear a soft voice say “do not sleep up here.” I thought it was weird as it as so subtle but as I entered the room and started to make the bed I heard it louder and clearer, “I told you – do not sleep up here.” I’m starting to get goosebumps just writing this story. So I resist at first because I am starting to feel really agitated by the chemical smell and I really did not want to sleep in the room downstairs as it had the smallest amount of windows and breeze. Omg I must be so paranoid from this herb I thought to myself as I put the sheet on the bed. “Fine you can suit yourself – learn the hard way if you’d like.” Now this got my attention and I said to myself “nope! I have heard that phrase before and it never fails to deliver. I’ll go into the next room.”

I don’t know how I did not see this before this moment – but I look above the bed and hanging there is a large black and white painting that literally looks like someone drew a portal to Hell. Just violently scribbled black holes all kind of squished together and I immediately was like well THAT can’t be a nice energy to sleep under. Why would they have that here? Wtf?! Thanks for the warning, whoever was speaking to me. So I take the sheets out and I go into the other room next door and although I don’t know how I missed this when I first saw the room – there was a painting of a really gnarly looking demon right over the bed. It was not abstract, there was no artful interpretation happening here. It was a demon, without a doubt. Again I think to myself why the hell would anyone EVER want a painting like this in their own house – let alone a rental where you are trying to make folks feel comfortable?! Sure as fuck not sleeping in here either!

Now the voice returns and this time much louder and more clear “you need to leave. You are not wanted here” and I sure was listening now. The hairs stood up on my whole body and I started to feel a strong presence fill the upstairs. It made it very clear that I had pissed it off and it was now making itself known. I apologized for intruding on its space and for smudging. I told it/them “I respect you and your space and I’m really sorry – I will stay downstairs and not come back up here. You have your space up here I and will have mine downstairs. I won’t bother you and you will not bother me. Again – really sorry for the sage, this is your house and I will be out of here tomorrow morning.”

I feel myself shaking as I go down stairs and it’s probably midnight by now. I get into the downstairs bed and the smell had just gotten worse it seemed. Whatever they were using to wash/disinfect the house was seriously toxic. I started to feel my throat getting sore and my head was hurting.

I used some of my own towels for bedding instead but it barely helped.

Just breathing was really uncomfortable now. I started writing the landlord telling her that I was having some kind of a reaction to the cleaning chemicals, that it was way too far from the centro and that there was no way that I could stay here. I said it in a delicate way as to not offend her and at first she argued that it was non refundable and that no one had ever complained before. I told her that it would be really a huge loss for me to lose $1000 and that I would still have to do it because I was started to break out in hives. I told her I was straight up scared to stay in this place by myself and that I had to leave first thing in the morning. My saving grace was that the address was listed wrong on the website and that there was no arguing with that. Her tone softened and she started to cooperate – I’m sure wanting to avoid a cripplingly bad review. I write to Victor my angel in a taxi and my friend Jesus who was happy to arrange a room for me in his apartment building for the next day. It was only a small studio room but we had been there for a few hours that day waiting for the house to be ready and it has a huge garden and great energy. So I started to feel better knowing that I would be out of there the next morning early and that whatever was upstairs seemed to be ok with our agreement and was leaving me alone.

Almost as soon as I had the thought I felt a sharp and sudden anxiety come over me again and I knew I was in trouble. I’m a feeling and audio type psychic more than visual when it comes to energies but all of my senses were being overwhelmed. I saw and felt something enter my room and it looked exactly like the demon in the painting upstairs. I started to hear a low, raspy voice start to taunt me in all the ways you might expect. It told me that there was no escaping. That I should have left when I had the chance and that it had me now. It told me that I was never going to leave here and that I would never get rid of it. I had not felt something this dark or tangible for 12 years since my initial trainings on how to deal with malicious spirits. I started to tell myself that all of this was an opportunity to learn and that I was safe. The voice started becoming more sinister and began repeating in my ear “you are not safe. You are NOT safe. YOU ARE NOT SAAAAAAFE!!!!!” I felt it begin to attack me for real and for a moment I believed that it was right. My heart started racing out of my chest. Panic started to course through my veins and every cell was filled with terror. That familiar hot and cold feeling pouring down through my head that makes you feel like you are going to pass out or die right on the spot. In that moment I wanted to run but I couldn’t move. My mind flashed to calling Victor to pick me up right then and the voice answered with a disturbing chuckle, “he won’t get here in time. Your blood will paint these walls. There is no help for you. You are alone and you are mine.”

I felt as afraid as I possibly could for what seemed like an eternity and yet I know it was only a few moments. I truly felt like I was doomed and that I was going to be one of those white chicks murdered by a demon in the forest that will be a mystery for years to come. The visions I saw in my head were full of torture, terror and hellish debauchery. I saw some really horrible things happening to children in that house that made me feel sick to my stomach.

For this long moment – I felt sure I was meeting my end and it was the worst fucking case scenario imaginable. I wish I could say more eloquently what happened next – but something very powerful inside of me awoke and intervened. Right before I felt myself about to faint, a light within me started to grow and it spoke without words right to my heart. I was able to gain consciousness enough to remember the truth. “I reclaim any power I have given to you. You cannot harm me. You cannot kill me, you cannot hurt me, you can only scare me. There is nothing you can do to me because I do not give to the power to do it.” This creature bared its teeth and told me I was wrong and that it was indeed my end. The light continued to grow brighter and stronger and was now surrounding my body like a cocoon. “No, you are wrong. I am the sovereign authority of myself and I am all powerful. I have dominion over all spirits in my reality and you cannot harm me. I reclaim the power I have given to you to make me feel afraid. I bless you. You cannot scare me and you can not make me hate you. You cannot force me to battle with you. I have dominion over you and I am full of Divine Love. You cannot harm me. You cannot scare me. I am the endless Love of God and I bless you! I bless you. I bless you, I bless you and I love you. There is nothing you can do to make me not love you.”

In the instant that I was able to fully access the Love that I am the room exploded with light and the spirit was literally flown out of the room – back upstairs. I couldn’t believe how quickly I went from feeling the ultimate terror to the ultimate peace. I was so calm and peaceful and even felt an intense joy. So much relief overwhelmed me and I was even able to sleep for a couple of hours. I did not have any more experiences that night. The next morning I was up and ready to go by sunrise and I was feeling so expanded and inspired by what I had experienced the night before. It was the most tangible and dramatic attack I had experienced in over a decade and I felt renewed and fascinated more than anything. I have had many experiences with entities in the first few years of my practice and I learned very quickly that it was the unconditional love that kept me safe and that these energies are parasitic and vampiric. That they have only the power you give them and that when you have nothing for them to attach to you literally become invisible to them. So just like dealing with vampiric people – when you take your attention and the power you are giving them away – they are nothing. I was so fascinated by how remedy was the same principles of dealing with narcissists- this was just the higher octave. I’ve known all of this for years. I teach it to my clients ever day. Yet it’s one thing to know something conceptually and another to apply that concept when you are highly triggered and scared out of your mind.

I really wanted to take a photo of the paintings to show you all because I thought no one will believe how insane these things are! There were also in both rooms paintings of Egyptian hieroglyphs which I thought was interesting. However the moment I stepped foot on the stairs a voice warned me “Do not come back up here. If you take a photo they will come with you. Portal.” and of course I jumped off the stairs like it was hot lava. “Yes of course, sorry to disturb!” I replied with my hands up, “Thank you for the reminder and I’ll be on my way now.” Some of you might think I’m insane for even thinking of going back up there or wanting to take a photo but it just shows you how protected and solid in myself I was feeling. I truly felt amazing and untouchable. Everything that had happened in the last few weeks seemed to pale in comparison from this spiritual attack – so anything that wasn’t on that level just felt like nothing. It was like it put things into perspective and I felt so alive.

When Victor arrived he took one look at me and said “well you look awfully cheerful for the night that you just had. Get in and you can tell me all about it.” And I did. He also confirmed that this was an obvious test and that he was glad that I was so well equipped to handle it and that I seemed so excited instead of traumatized. I then got to the beautiful garden apartment of my friend Jesus and he listened to me for hours last night as I shared and processed. Once I was in a safe place I had a lot of tears come out and I had some really profound realizations.

In my research into the darker parts of life over the past few years I have come across the very disturbing reality of child sexual abuse on the darkest and most extreme levels. I don’t want to go into it here but the things I have seen and heard had traumatized me and I adopted the belief that there must be a darker force “outside of human nature” that was so evil it must be from another place. That it was so evil that it must be hated and despised. I did not see another way. As I spoke to my friend Jesus about this and he argued that everything comes from the same Source. I started to get really anxious again and started to feel really uncomfortable. I asked him to stop talking and just let me express what was coming up or I was probably going to have a panic attack. As I started to process it became clear that whatever I did not love had power over me. Whatever I feared or hated by natural law had power over me. Whatever I rejected and disowned as outside of creation would have an influence over me. I spoke to the part of me who had felt so traumatized by seeing the proof of widely spread child torture and sex abuse. I spoke to the part of me that feared that these people involved in such atrocities would somehow escape justice and that they would win. That they would be able to stay hidden and protected by the current global system and that we were headed into a darker reality than most people could imagine. If you have looked into the darker aspect of the NWO, you know what I’m talking about. I let myself feel all of that pain, all of that trauma, all of that helplessness. I let myself grieve for all the children who have been through what I saw and grieve for the people who have died or been ostracized trying to save them. I healed the wound that had been making me think that there is any force stronger than the truth. Stronger than love.

Only by fully acknowledging my fears did they start to dissolve. So as I cried out all of the pain and fear in my heart I felt the space inside me start to fill with trust and love. I started to feel the presence of everything good and holy in the world consume me and our entire plane. I let go of the trauma that kept me from feeling the truth – that all will be revealed. That all that is hidden in darkness is coming to light. That all forces who thrive in the shadows are being dissolved as each courageous human heart awakens to hold this light in their bodies. Each moment another hundred people are reclaiming their sovereign authority and that nothing is more powerful than the truth. I remembered that Divine Love is the most powerful force in the universe. That it loves the unlovable and forgives the unforgivable. That it has no limits and therefore can never be stopped. This holy light of the ultimate love shines upon the deepest and oldest darkness and that nothing that receives this light goes unchanged. That this was the only thing that is truly real. That I am here to experience this darkness and to shine the light of our loving Creator onto it. That if I AM this endless and most powerful love – then I never needed to be afraid, of anything, ever again. I sobbed as I felt my whole heart open and I let this light fill me. Every drop of fear poured out and I let peace fill me. I let freedom fill me. I let power fill me. I let compassion and trust in this sacred process fill me. I left the battlefield. I left the war. I reclaimed my rightful place as the Creator of my reality and I reminded myself “what is the darkness, after all, once the light is shone upon it?”

I felt myself expand to absorb the whole world. I felt my choice ripple through the dimensions and encompass every inch of this plane. I felt myself connect to the timeline where truth wins. Where love wins. Where humanity is ready to learn the easier way and that we break free of all spells cast on us by weaponizing our fears. I saw each person reclaiming their sovereignty and a thriving world of free folk living in harmony with nature and each other. I saw the end of suffering on this planet. At this moment fireworks started going off everywhere and I felt myself truly let go. It was now the equinox and the last day of the astrological new year. These fireworks felt like they were all just for me. I feel in my bones the events in my own microcosm were a reflection of the whole and that I had made a profound choice that night. I had the best sleep I have had in weeks.

So I sit here now in my tiny but glorious studio apartment full of gratitude. I am in awe of life and everything that I am learning and remembering through my adventures. I feel like I had the happiest, easiest most peaceful life in Peru and it was like the Shire. I left on my pilgrimage to Mordor and I feel like I just successfully dropped the ring into the fire. I needed to meet all of subconscious and unconscious fears in order to embody the next version of myself and I have done exactly that. I feel so relieved and so intimate with myself.

Besides the reward of all this personal growth.. life has awarded me the ultimate upgrade from every house I’ve ever lived in. I still have another couple of weeks in this temporary place until I’m able to move.. but this new home is so worth waiting for. I can’t believe how quickly the perfect place opened up once I completely let go and opened my heart. Sometimes what seems like delays are really just life preparing massive blessings for you while you do the work to be ready to receive them ❤️

Thank you for following us along on our journey and I hope you are enjoying these stories and transmissions

We are moving again! No more turning red flags into roses 🌹 Our adventure continues…

Life is making it so obvious it is almost like a comedy. My very first conversation IN THE DRIVEWAY with the owner of this house yesterday said it all. Without knowing anything about my story he said to me “why did you leave your last place? Was the owner obsessed with you and didn’t want you to go? I can see why – you are so beautiful and impressive I can understand.” As I briefly mentioned yesterday I drew a boundary and said that I really didn’t want that kind of attention but I was so fried that I didn’t have it in me to let that scare me off right away and just get back into the car. He seemed receptive enough that I told myself it was just an opportunity to be assertive and I would see how we go. 🚩

Aside from the unwanted vibes and while this new place has a great aesthetic and view – poor Chalupa cannot scale the spiral staircase and we might as well be in an apartment as I have to bring her down to potty and it’s stressful for both of us as she is used to being a free range little baby who can come and go as she pleases. There are no fans so I sweat my tits off all night and couldn’t really sleep. The landlord lives in a small room right underneath the chalet and he has continued to want more attention from me than I want to give. Last night he was encouraging me to do a long term lease with him and kept saying this is my house.. he wanted to bring me firewood and wine and I told him what I needed was space and solitude. He agreed and left me alone. (Who the hell would want a fire in this heat?!)

I slept in this morning and when I go to wash up there is no water. Instant annoyance but it’s normal in Tepoztlan so I use my bottled water and I bring chalupa outside to relieve herself. As soon as I’m outside the landlord immediately starts to engage me. I normally would “not want to be rude” but I just said straight up look this is a great place and I’m thankful for your hospitality but I just woke up and I am not ready to have a conversation. He said oh of course so sorry and made himself scarce. I could feel tho that he was disappointed that he’s not having the riveting friendship that he seems to want to have with me. So I sit on the patio overlooking the view and start writing in my journal. I acknowledge that I don’t like the expectations and pressure I am already feeling and as I write the words “am I just exhausted and grumpy or am I picking up on a needy landlord take-two red flag situation?” I kid you not y’all – water starts pouring from the roof right above my head and starts to flood the balcony and my bedroom where all my clothes are!!! I run into the room and move all my suitcases out of the water. I started laughing because it was just such dramatic timing!

The landlord comes rushing out saying “oh no I forgot to close the thing last night and now the tank is losing all the water that was just delivered!” I tell him it’s flooding the bedroom and he runs up with a bucket to start mopping it up. I say it’s ok it was obviously an accident but his mood has shifted big time. His whole energy has changed and he is visibly frustrated with himself and he starts to mumble about how expensive of a loss this is for him. I decide to come down to the grass with Chalupa as I felt my nervous system activate – again. I had that familiar panicky feeling come over me and I was like here we go again – feeling trapped!

Feeling pressured and feeling in way too close of quarters with this dude for my reclusive self. So instead of ignoring my anxiety and trying to talk myself out if it – I thank it and say I’m listening to you – I’m here for you and I’m getting us out of here. Instead of waiting for another red flag – I look to my Airbnb and I just happen to have a message waiting for me from a woman who has a house in the ideal neighborhood saying that she hopes I am still interested in booking the house for a few days to feel it out and see if I would like a direct contract and a longer term lease. I had totally forgotten about this place in all of the drama and it had not been showing up in the listing! It is surrounded by nature and completely private – no landlord on site or close neighbors. It’s a little more rustic but has all of the most important things that we have been looking for. So I booked it and we will be arriving there on Saturday. My anxiety immediately left and now I feel so excited and relaxed and renewed! Red flags are not red flags anymore – they are deal breakers. No more needing more than one intuitive hit for me that something is a bit off. (Well to be fair – more than two hits! 😂) I trust my body now and listen to all of my uncomfortable feelings as sacred messengers guiding me towards my highest and best life. Ahhh this is another massive leveling up and I’m feeling so confident and free. The body always knows. We don’t feel anything for no reason and I finally trust enough to understand what I’m trying to tell myself.

Thank you for coming on this adventure with us! We will send you photos when we arrive on Saturday! Love y’all and I hope this sharing continues to be helpful and a source of encouragement to trust yourselves too!

Interview with a Vampire and another sudden move

The seemingly perfect relationship with my landlord turned toxic really fast and I ended up having to pack up and move Chalupa and I to a new place on a day’s notice. I sacrificed my deposit and hundreds of dollars in rent that I had paid there and I’m so grateful that I now prioritize my emotional and mental well being over any amount of money or discomfort. I admit I am feeling really vulnerable and absolutely fried emotionally.

The red flags started waving in my face the first time she visited in person and she went from zero to stage 5 clinger in a day. I gave her a healing session as a gift and naturally she had a really powerful experience. She cried and said I was the teacher she has always been looking for and that was all fine.. but the vibe quickly turned weird and she started saying victimy things like “where have you been?!? Where have you been all this time?!? I have been all alone and suffering and you weren’t here!” 😳 I immediately felt my heart and my stomach switch places when I felt her starting to latch onto me. She lives in another state however and so I thought I’d only have to deal with her once a month when I paid my rent. In our conversation about my renting her house she started to say that she wanted “stay close to me” and declared that she was going to build a room on the property so that we could do sessions all the time. I set a very clear boundary that I needed my privacy and that wasn’t going to be an option. Then she decided she was going to rent a place nearby so that she could come and see me. I told her that we could work together but that the boundaries needed to be very clear and firm and that I was only so available. She then insisted that I give her sessions as part of the rent since she was “losing so much money by renting to me long term”.. and the guilt trips began. All my alarms were already going off but this really made me squirm. Helping people identify and leave their narcissistic relationships is an area of speciality of mine and this was showing all the signs of an epic shit show in the making. We went next door to her sisters house for a bbq that night and they were all very nice to me but visibly tried to ignore this woman – we will call her Mary – and it became very clear why. Only 2 hours in she started a screaming match with her daughter and son in law in front of everyone and it was just so toxic and insanely dramatic. I left to go back to my house and I just shut down from the disillusionment. My perfect paradise now felt like a prison. I was also now entering into that level 9 tooth pain and I was being totally taken out by it. She even entered my house late that night unannounced crying her eyes out wanting comfort from me and that was the last straw if the fucking day. She was in such denial of her own toxicity and the part she played in what had happened that it became crystal clear that she was literally incapable of taking responsibility for herself. I told her that it was super inappropriate and that all of my boundaries were being crossed and that she needed to leave.

Luckily the next day my tooth pain was so bad that I had the dental surgery excuse to rest for two weeks and not engage with her. She went back to her home a plane ride away and I began my really dark process. I left out ten other red flag boundary crossings for the sake of brevity and not needing to remove them to make my point. I felt so trapped and it activated all of my remaining fears of receiving the wrath of a malignant narcissistic. I had to wait a week before my extraction for the antibiotics to do their thing so I had nothing to do but rest and feel everything. So much anxiety took over me and I had some really panicky moments feeling like I was not going to get myself out of there without a big drama. I was more right than I could have expected.

I was clear that I needed space and time to focus on myself and that we could resume the conversation when I was healed up. She surprisingly gave me that space and stopped constantly texting me but it turns out she was just charging up the crazy and saving it all up for the grand finale freak out.

When I was on the other side of my tooth extraction healing I started looking for some other houses but nothing really worked out as Airbnb has really screwed the market rates for long time renters and locals. However I wanted to give her as much notice as possible to hopefully minimize the blow of telling her I had changed my mind and needed to go after a month and a half instead of a year.. in our verbal agreement I had 2 months to see if the internet was sufficient for me work and decide if I was going to stay long term. So I was in the bounds of that agreement. When I told her very politely that the house did not work out for me afterglow (I kept it very practical and made it not about her) at first she was ok with it it seemed. Then I started receiving the guilt trips again and her insisting that I still give her a bunch of free sessions because I owed her. I delicately told her that I don’t judge her at all but that my boundaries had been crossed so many times that it was not a healthy dynamic for me and that I did not want to continue a relationship. This threw her into a literal psychosis and she began to attack me and my character – all the expected stuff. Knowing so well that folks like her are motivated by one thing and one thing only – narcissistic supply. She was trying to hey me to give her an emotional reaction and I just refused to do it. When she couldn’t upset me she started to say that I needed to leave the house a week earlier than the move out date. No problem at all I said, I’ll be out of there by then. Then she kind of disappeared which was weird but I thought wow maybe I already convinced her that she wasn’t going to get a reaction out of me so she’s looking for a new source to terrorize. That night I get a call from the sweetheart house manager – Liz and her husband Juan who is the gardener. They said they needed to come over and talk to be about something and when I resisted they said it was urgent and that there were injustices happening towards me and that I needed to know what was going on. I immediately felt my nervous system go into survival mode and I felt all the familiar panic of feeling under threat. However I reminded myself of what this was all about and I calmed myself down and got back into my peace in a record amount of time. My ten minute walk home was my grounding meditation to reclaim any power I had given away to her and that my stress was exactly the juice she was looking for.

So they come over and tell me that she had been calling Liz all day in absolute hysterics. First she told them that she was going to call the police and tell them that I had never paid any rent and was there illegally refusing to leave. Then the story was that she was going to have a lawyer call me with an ultimatum to pay her for a year or go to jail. She seemed to escalate by the moment and told them to cut the lights and water to my house. When they refused she said she would send someone else to do it. So this is when they wanted to tell me what was going on and offer to help me move out of there as soon as possible. They are both sensitive and spiritual people and they understood exactly what I meant when I explained energy vampirism and how the most important thing was to stay peaceful and not allow her to stress me out. I explained how narcissists can’t be without a source so if a well is dry of drama and emotional responses she will be forced to focus on finding a new victim and leave me alone. It’s natural law. We had a really beautiful bonding experience and they were grateful for the clarity and the permission to not engage. I had most of our conversations about the rent over text so I had proof I had done nothing wrong if she did end up sending someone over to the house to talk to me. I just refused to give her any power to hurt me and there’s nothing she could do to me anyway.

So she did not end up sending anyone to cut the lights but she did move the move out date to two weeks sooner. When I still didn’t react and agreed she moved it to two days from then and that she was coming in person. It was very clear she was looking to have an altercation and was excited about it. So when I learned this I immediately packed up all of my things and a sweet place far on the other side of town appeared out of nowhere that had not been showing up before in e listings and I booked it right away.

I did not sleep a wink last night. It wasn’t like an obvious anxiety and I could tell that I had gone into a major high alert coping mode and it was very strange. I couldn’t cry or access any feelings at all. I was in a high functioning survival mode and to the outside I appeared solid as a rock. This morning it started to hit me more and it was really intense. A lot of sweating and deep breathing and soothing myself.

This afternoon my new friends picked me and took me to my new spot. They held space for me while I cried for a few minutes from relief in the car and they handed me some really strong cbd oil drops and a cigarette and just let me cry it out. I haven’t been smoking or partaking in a single vice the whole time I have been here and it was absolute bliss to have a little outside help right in that moment. We all knew better than to focus on it all but they made a joke about the woman saying to watch me so that I didn’t “steal the refrigerator” and we busted up laughing and the healing began.

So here I am in my new place high up in the mountains starting to finally land from the whirlwind of the past 3 days. I felt like fucking hell and just really uprooted and vulnerable and pissed off all afternoon but now I’m feeling myself start to soften and let go. I only have this place for a week but the owner here has invited me to stay as long as I want to. It’s not ideal long term as there is a spiral staircase to the entrance that makes it impossible for chslupa to come and go as she pleases but it’s so wonderful for now and I’m so grateful. Its safe and nice and has a killer view. The landlord is an older man who started kind of flirting with me and I can’t tell you how easy it was to shut that down and make myself clear that I did t want any kind of attention from him. So far he’s backed off and been respectful but I can tell you I won’t wait around to learn the harder way this time if he can’t keep his thoughts to himself. I was like Jesus Christ life do you have to test me right away?!? Aye caramba give me a day to integrate this one first por favor.

So I went to see another place today for the longer term and it was so stunning and has a park for a yard – just unbelievable property. I’m waiting to hear back from them and another place so I’m going to be in limbo for a little while. I’ve been stationary in Peru for years and found security in my reclusive hermetic life. My home was always my sanctuary and I can feel how powerful it is for me now to have to move around a lot here. Not really knowing anyone and needing to rely totally on myself to navigate this has me feeling really vulnerable but I know the expansion is coming. Learning to just anchor into the home inside of my heart and know that everything is always working out for me. It’s ok if it takes me a while to find my place and my people here. It’s safe to feel vulnerable and to be in the unknown. I’m really grateful for all of the experiences I have had in my life that have helped me to love myself enough to sever ties with toxic people sooner than later and to learn the easier ways.

I’m sure I have some big cries ahead of me when I finally fully relax and I am so looking forward to feeling that relief. For now I am focusing on fiercely caring for myself and all the inner children inside of me that are activated and needing my attention and affirmation. I’m so grateful to have my sweet Chalupa on my lap right now as I write this and the tears are finally starting to fall a little bit. Life is giving us constant opportunities to overcome our fears and limitations and I already feel very grateful for the chance to see how far I have come in how I navigated this. It used to take me months, then weeks then days to reclaim my peace when I’ve been ruthlessly attacked in the past and this time it’s so much easier and so much faster. Being gentle and patient and kind with myself is the only thing that matters now. I am looking forward to a really deep sleep and to letting my nervous system unwind for the first time in what feels like months now. I will do anything to protect myself from harmful energies and I am reminded that the most powerful protection of all is Divine Love. Filling myself up with so much unconditional love for myself that nothing wanting to harm can even penetrate.

There’s a reason this woman abruptly stopped writing to me and started doing everything through Liz – because she wasn’t able to get a reaction from me. I can’t tell you how proud I feel of myself and the work I have done around this. Coming from a lot of childhood trauma with a father who controlled me through aggression, threats and intimidation – this is a sign of healing on the most profound levels for me. I know that I am only going to become more empowered and more free. I can’t wait to meet the version of me on the other side of this big transition and I am embracing every moment of the painful journey of initiation. No one can do anything to you that you don’t give them power to do. Our attention is the most powerful thing that we have and I am putting mine on gratitude, grace and the home inside of myself.

Thank you for reading and I hope this is helpful to some of y’all. Lots of love from Mexico

(Another) Dark night of the soul

Last night I fully experienced the depths of my own darkness and what felt like the darkness of my entire ancestry. The emotional decay that had been backed up and stored and festering for centuries overwhelmed me and took me beyond my limits. Even with my years of experience in shadow integration work – there were moments where I thought the torture would never stop and that I would never see the light again. It was as if all the joy had been sucked from the world and would never return. I was sure I would be stuck in the Underworld for all eternity and in the peak of it – I felt like I deserved nothing less than that. So much rage and hatred and resentment was exploding out of me like a volcano of fire and destruction. And I really did want to destroy everything and everyone in my path. It was wild, uncontrollable and all consuming.

I was silently fuming, seething and snarling like a beast inside. I felt like my aura was spiky and black like a giant evil sea urchin. Even Chalupa was reflecting this back to me in a dramatic way and she wanted nothing to do with me. She was hiding under a table crouched down in defense. She would bare her adorable little teeth and growl at me every time I tried to come near her. When I would try to pick her up she would snap and bark at me like I was a stranger. It made me feel really sad at first but then just made me feel more angry. At one point I forced her and picked her up anyway she straight bit me on my face when I kissed her little head. (Not hard of course – but she made it clear that she wanted to be far away from the hot lava from Hell that I was exuding from every pore.) This threw me into a dramatic wave of despair and resentment and the real purge began.

Living in the city with close neighbors and unable to scream with no tears to be found inside – there was nothing I could do but start to write in my journal. I felt truly desperate to give an outlet to the anguish inside of me. I felt all the hatred in the world since the beginning of time being funneled through my small frame and I truly wanted to die. My fingers were holding the pen so tight that it’s ridges were digging into my skin making it red and raw. The tip of the pen scraping through the paper making small rips as I assaulted my notebook. Unbridled fire surged through me as I felt and expressed my undying hatred for every single person and every single thing in this life. It was not reasonable or logical. It was insanity. It was wild abhorrent disgust and malice. It was a purge of all the disowned madness and mindless hate of mankind and I was being forced to feel every drop of it and claim it as my own. It was the disowned darkness of every person in my lineage all the way back as far as I could see. The ancestral shadow that was my inheritance and that was mine alone to heal and transform.

My personal story started to come into play. Rage and hatred towards every person who I felt had ever hurt me, used me, undervalued me or taken me for granted in some way was demanding my undivided attention. Unbearable and inescapable resentment towards myself for giving my power away and allowing any and all abuses of my life. The abuses of all my lifetimes. Why am I always giving so much and receiving so little in return? Why am I not fully valued and seen and supported when I am constantly in service to others? Why are folks so comfortable taking the best of me and giving me scraps in return for helping them transform their lives – sometimes in a matter of minutes? Why can I listen to my friends for hours on end and when it’s my turn to receive support they can only project onto me and give me advice instead of just holding the same space of silence in return? Why am I so uncomfortable asking for what I deserve when those with a tenth of my experience or skill feel so comfortable? I felt so bitter and full of confusion. Trapped in a dungeon of rage and resentment. I felt so disconnected from everyone in my life and it all went dark. I felt like Hell was swallowing me up and demanding that I make myself at home there. A force within me was holding me down and compelling me to fully experience it in every cell of my body. It was begging me to listen to it instead of try to make it stop.

So I claimed it. I felt it all. I expressed it without fearing it, shaming it, guilting it, resisting it or making it wrong. I apologized to myself and every person in my ancestry who had never healed. I apologized for all of the ways I had allowed myself to be hurt and undervalued and gave myself permission to be this bitter, rageful creature. I validated every dark feeling and expressed my deep respect for this destructive part of myself. Honoring it for how powerful it was. As I bowed down to the pain and surrendered to its seemingly endless wrath – I began to feel a softening. Something was shifting and I knew I was starting to break through.

I thanked this darkness and asked it to destroy all that needed to be destroyed within me and in my life. With this permission, the red hot flames turned their attention from torture to transmutation. This holy fire started to burn away all of my fear. All of my doubt in myself started to dissolve. All that was keeping me from creating the life I desire and deserve was losing its hold on me and I no longer felt afraid. Of anything. The ancient chains that had been binding me and keeping me separate from my true power started to break and fall away. I saw how much I was still motivated by trying to please others at the expense of myself in certain areas of my life. I saw clearly how I have been creating situations that cause me pain and scarcity. The tears finally started to flow and Chalupa came to be by my side.

I fell asleep with my pen in my hand and the lights were still on.. All night I had vivid almost lucid dreams that I was flying and teaching everyone else around me that they could fly too. It was the most amazing sensation of freedom. I found my “dream home” in the dreamscape which I have been searching for for years and usually never find. I was surrounded by sisters with flowers in their hair and sexy tattooed men (I have been celibate and withdrawn sexually for almost 9 months now so it felt like a re-awakening of my erotic self) I was in paradise.

I normally wake up around 7 and today I effortlessly slept in until past 10. I woke up feeling so calm. So soft and empty. A profound silence in my mind and stillness in my heart. Light and clear and truly un-afraid of things that I was drowning in just the night before. Things that felt so far away and out of reach now feel like they are already inside of me – mine for the claiming and enjoying. I am so relieved and grateful. I feel reborn from the ashes once again. Chalupa is more in love with me than ever today and she seems to be feeling much more peaceful than she has been since she arrived with her own travel trauma to heal and integrate. Colors are brighter and hummingbirds surround me as I write this on my porch.

In order to alchemize something, we have to embody it. We have to fully experience it. Observing and acknowledging is not enough. I had to embrace it, welcome it and deeply approve of it in order to transform it. No more disowning and bypassing as just “processing for the collective” .. I am the collective and I have all the dark and light, all the joys and terrors of this world inside of me. This inherited shadow was was a reflection of my own microcosm. My own capacity for hatred, malice and cruelty. In my personal life – seeing how putting the needs of others before my own had created that monster inside. Not asking for what I truly want and need and ignoring the resentment had made it grow into something impossible to ignore. That sacred rage was there to help me. I had to take responsibility. To thank the resentment towards myself and others as a messenger of new boundaries needing to be drawn. To listen to it and apologize to myself for allowing these trespasses and for teaching the world how to treat me in a way that is less than what I give.

If others have not valued me it’s because I have not valued me. If others give me crumbs when I give them the world it’s because I have accepted crumbs. I show everyone in my life how to treat me based on how I treat myself and by what I allow. If I am not receiving on the level that I would like – it’s because on some level I am not actually receptive. How freeing and empowering this is! My experience of lack is not mysterious. It’s not some random thing that “keeps happening to me”- it’s something I am creating with the choices I make every day.

We have a really good reason for everything that we feel and everything that we do. As we learn to truly listen to ourselves in each moment – we stop creating reserves of unexpressed emotion that need to be emptied out in violent ways. When we listen to “negative” feelings and undesirable emotions we see that they are full of wisdom and are within themselves intuitive guidance. Welcome your darker feelings and shine the light of deep approval onto them. They will then reveal their sacred messages and transform into clarity and love.

I feel so ready to listen now. So ready to choose myself. So ready to ask for what I deserve and to say a graceful and joyful “no thank you” to anything that is not in alignment with that. Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing how this resonates with you as we integrate this collective shadow together.

how i healed myself of herpes and you can too

Twice now in my life I have healed the “un-healable” by changing my mind and trusting in my body. People say to me all the time when they hear my stories that it’s a miracle. That healing brain cancer and herpes is miraculous. I’m here to tell you that it isn’t. It is just what happens when we truly understand why we get sick and how we get better. Everything you need to heal is already inside of you – just waiting to be activated. Know thyself and you will be cured.

I am very excited to share with you how I have cured myself of an out of control herpes virus after 5 straight years of constant breakouts. I only ever had them on my face and those who know me, know what a traumatic and all consuming experience it was for me. I know that so many of you struggle with this condition as well and I know that most of us suffer in silence because of the social stigma. There is some vulnerable information here and I hope it frees some other folks up to share their experiences as well. I’m honored to help eradicate this shame and demolish the idea that ANYTHING is incurable – so lets rock n’ roll.I had my first outbreak in 2015 deep inside of my nose and I didn’t know what it was at the time. My first marriage had just ended and I was dealing with a lot of disappointment and bitterness inside of myself. I then started getting massive fever blisters in between my nose and upper lip. (The size of a quarter or more) So it wasn’t a small little cold sore – it was like 5 or 6 of them clustered together and they were so deep and so painful. They would often take 2 or 3 entire weeks to heal and then I would have another breakout immediately after the skin had healed up. Without fail, no matter what I did or ate or treated it with – nothing was stopping this herpes virus from the 7th level of Hell. These constant and extreme outbreaks catalyzed a dark night of the soul experience that lasted for 5 solid years. I hid myself away in my house feeling so embarrassed and disgusted with myself. The self hatred that it brought to the surface was absolutely crippling. The fear and distrust of my body just continued to grow with every outbreak – and they continued to get worse. I isolated myself more and more and became so full of shame that I no longer wanted to socialize at all. I have always been a loner and enjoy spending most of my time in solitude because it is joyful and inspiring for me – but this was coming from a place of hiding myself away because I felt so mortified for people to see me. I had known so many people who would get a cold sore a couple times a year but I had never met anyone with the kind of severity and frequency that I was experiencing. It got me in touch with the fear that there was something gravely wrong with me and that this was just a symptom of a much bigger problem.

I then entered into what I can easily say was the most stressful relationship of my life. I felt so anxious around this man that my nervous system was constantly in a hyper vigilant state and I felt like I was constantly under attack. I was. It was like living in a war zone and I was so exhausted that my entire body broke down. I had a bout of kidney stones that lasted for 4 months. All of my muscles in my legs began to atrophy as I was in so much pain and constant 100+ degree fevers that I could not leave my bed. Even after they all passed – I then started having fainting spells on a regular basis and my skin started to break out all over my face, chest and back like I was a hormonal 16 year old. Again nothing that I did seemed to create any kind of improvement at all. Long story short, it took me a year and a half to leave the abusive relationship and my health dramatically deteriorated over that time. I then began the process of understanding what narcissistic abuse looks like and I began the process of healing and unpacking my codependency – but that’s another story. Fast forward several months – I entered another relationship several months after that and began taking Acyclovir anti viral medication every day as my boyfriend at the time was an ex nurse and swore by its efficiency. No change at all. I tried L- lysine supplements, lots of different diets and exclusions of certain foods high in arginine – I tried everything that western medicine suggested.

I started taking a low dosage of steroids to clear my acne and that wreaked absolute havoc on my adrenal glands. When I would go more than a week without taking the steroid pill my skin would break out 100 times worse and it just made me feel so hopeless and miserable. I knew what I was doing was damaging myself and yet I continued – for the sake of the quick fix. The toxicity of the steroids put even more pressure on my liver and kidneys and my energy levels were at about 40% – 50%. For all these years I would have energy to do my work, which was the only thing that brought me joy, and then I would be in escapist mode for a lot of the time. I could barely engage with life. Every morning when I woke up the first thing I did was touch my lips to see if something was cropping up. I truly consumed my entire life and it was all I could think about.

I was in a relationship with a sex worker who facilitated radical erotic journeys and it gave me the opportunity to work through a lot of sexual shame that the herpes was triggering. This definitely made a big difference in my emotional health and energy levels – but the cold sores seemed to rage more than ever. My new found intimacy with my sexuality and erotic body awakened a new power in me and I finally found the courage to be honest with myself that most of the reason I was so exhausted was because I was spending a massive amount of energy repressing and ignoring my ultimate fear – that all of this was happening because my brain cancer had grown back and I was dying. I had not had the courage to face myself and confront this fear until then and as soon as I started being honest with myself about how terrified and convinced I was that I was riddled with cancer and that I thought I would probably just let myself die if I did. I didn’t trust myself to engage the willingness to do a big detox again and give up the things I was so attached to – even though I knew were causing me harm. So I started where we all start. I started telling the truth. To myself and to the people in my life. That I was really scared. That I was fucking terrified and didn’t want to hide and be alone in it anymore. Every time I told someone what I was feeling I would just start to sob immediately and it began the process of healing. I found my willingness to embark on the journey of coming back to myself and all the things I had learned when I had healed myself of brain cancer 10 years before. Every big cathartic cry created more clarity and space inside to find my courage again. I also realized that I needed to end my relationship that while it was an incredibly powerful catalyst for deep transformation – it was not sustainable long term as a relationship and also put a lot of pressure on me and kept me in a state of stress. Everything started to shift then. I decided that I was going to heal and I committed to showing up for myself. I decided I wanted to live. So I started seeing a wonderful Naturopath in Cusco named Jens Laurits Sorensen who specializes in a meridian based energy therapy called Vacuum therapy and homeopathic medicines. His presence was a kind and grounding force and I respect him to no end. This therapy was one of the most important things that I ever did for myself – if you are in the Cusco area I cannot recommend him enough.

I also started experimenting with receiving Vitamin C IV and Ozone IV therapies alternating once per week. I even got Ozone gas injections into my lip which was insanely painful and I looked like I had Botox for a couple hours afterwards. I felt truly desperate. While I think the initial IV treatments were a helpful boost – I have since changed my perspective on these therapies and would not recommend them as something you do on a regular basis like I was doing. High doses of synthetically derived Vitamin C (absorbic acid) without a high supplementation of Copper can actually negatively effect on our ability to absorb and assimilate naturally derived vitamins from our food in the long term. I stopped drinking alcohol but I was still really attached to smoking tobacco. I was smoking up to 30 – 40 hand rolled cigarettes per day at the height of my addiction. I was bound to it and I wanted to be. It wasn’t until I had gained some strength and confidence back that I was able to want to be healthy more than I wanted to smoke. So I was able to successfully just quit.

I began a very powerful detox and I went into purge mode for several months. Sweating like crazy every night, lots of diarrhea and some very intense nights of vomiting until I could barely breathe. Acid, bile, parasites… I could feel all of what had been making me sick was finally starting to come up and out – mostly in pretty violent ways. My skin started to improve and my energy levels started to dramatically increase. To my disappointment however, the herpes outbreaks continued on consistently with only a 30% improvement and if I wasn’t in an active outbreak, I was in the stress of anticipation. Every time I had a new blister forming my auto pilot response was naturally frustration. Agitation, helplessness, HATRED towards what was “happening to me.” It felt so out of my control. The idea that I had “contracted this virus” from somewhere was unnerving and I felt like I was at its mercy. I felt like I had no power in the situation and that I was mostly spinning my wheels without much tangible result. It wasn’t until I entered into yet another intense romantic relationship that I started to understand what was really going on. This relationship all seemed really wonderful on the surface. He gave me all the space I wanted and was so adoring and he just praised me all the time. In my presence, he was exactly what I wanted in a lover at the time and I really felt the way that I wanted to feel with him. However as our connection deepened and I opened my heart more – I started to see a consistent pattern of anxiety attacks whenever I would sleep in the same bed with him. My dreams were always very stressful and I had women who I had never met before warning me about him and telling me that he was not being honest with me. We were in an open relationship and I liked that there was pressure taken off of me by him having other lovers so I just tried to talk myself out of feeling uneasy. At some point we became very intimate and decided to close our relationship. During this time I felt the constant polarities of feeling blissful connection with him in my waking life and wild anxiety in my dream world. I started having extreme panic attacks that would last sometimes for hours when we were together and I justified it as my old trauma coming up around trusting men.. That I was feeling anxious because I was still learning how to open up and not create problems that weren’t there as a means to protect myself from being hurt.

I started listening to my anxiety as it increased and when I would tell him about my dreams and the women talking to me in them – he always had an eloquent and convincing way of putting my mind at ease. But the anxiety would only grow to be even more ferocious and it was coming in more often. I would also have a cold sore every time after one of our dates, without fail. His facial hair was really prickly and it irritated my skin so badly that my outbreaks were doubling in size. So I finally gave myself permission to speak to the woman who was visiting me in my dreams (I saw her photo on fb and knew somehow that it was her) Thankfully she leveled with me and confirmed that they had been in a relationship the whole time since we had become monogamous and that she knew he had been lying to me the whole time. This proved to me that I was in fact not paranoid or pushing him away – just really psychic and picking up on the manipulation that was going on. I was ready to let go of my old story that I felt uneasy because I was still a wounded *girl* who didn’t know how to trust. I now saw my anxiety AS INTUITION that was trying to guide and protect me. I realized that I never feel anxious for no reason. That I was now an empowered woman. Grown. Whole and healed and tuned IN and that whenever I felt a contraction in my nervous system – to listen up to whatever I was trying to tell myself. I finally could trust myself that if something felt off it was because it was off – not because I had trust issues. This new intimacy with myself and new response to anxiety started to transform my body immediately. I listened to it as a wise teacher that was actually protecting me, if I would only listen to it instead of fall into old coping mechanisms of talking myself out of feeling an uncomfortable feeling. In my last conversations with this man, he continued to hardcore manipulate me (or try, anyway) and he would lie straight into my eyes. Every time he did this, I felt the anxiety return but this time, I trusted MY BODY. I trusted my feelings instead of his words. This was painful because I was really in love and desperately wanted to believe him. The moment I would choose to trust my feelings as the truth instead of the lies he was telling me, the anxiety would stop immediately. I can now feel the difference between the vibration of authenticity and truth and the vibration of lies and I am invincible to manipulation.

This was a massive turning point in my life. I started to realize how much I was working against myself and how I had forgotten how I had healed my cancer by taking a radically different approach to what the western medical world has taught us to take. So instead of hating the herpes and just obsessing over trying to GET FUCKING RID OF THIS THING THAT WAS RUINING MY LIFE… I started thanking it. I started listening to it. I redirected my focus to trying to understand why it was there in the first place. I started seeing the herpes as a teacher. As a sacred force that was trying to tell me something. Respecting it and respecting myself and taking the perspective I have a really good reason for everything that I feel. I have a really good reason for everything my body creates. I will never forget the moment that I let go of my resistance and deliberately engaged it instead. The moment I welcomed the experience with gratitude and reverence, I felt an undeniable power awaken inside of me. I felt something spin around inside my physical and psychic self and expand in such a powerful way that I remember screaming and crying from overwhelming pleasure and relief. I was being re-wired and I felt it. It had been disarmed.

I have not had an outbreak since that night. This was where the connection between my anxiety (that was based in not trusting myself) and the herpes became glaringly clear. When I would start to ignore any anxious feeling, I would get the dreaded tingle feeling on my lips. Whenever I would start to do something that wasn’t my truth to do it would activate. Any motivation that came from a place of fear, guilt, or obligation was a trigger and the burning sensation would immediately come. I would place my hand here and say “thank you, I’m listening, I’m here and I am putting you first, I promise I will stop whatever is causing me tension right now” and then the tingle would go away. No outbreak would follow, just a warning. I was onto it. I also feel it is important to release any resistance to having another outbreak if there was still more for me to learn from it. After all, being in resistance to another outbreak would create stress – so that pressure to be completely done with it had to go. My new response was “Yes. Welcome. Deep approval and respect for the raw power of this experience. I am willing to continue have this experience as many more times as I need to in order to understand what I am trying to tell myself.”

At first I was relating to it as if it was something outside of myself – like a spirit that was teaching me. As I spent more time inquiring and listening, I was told that it wasn’t something outside of myself at all. That it was just me. It was just something that I WAS CREATING and that it was something that I could disarm within myself, at will. All that was needed was deep understanding of what it was. So finally I learned how to choose myself in every moment. To not allow anyone in my life that was incapable of being honest and to remove anyone who I got this contracted, anxious feeling around. Every time I felt the pinch inside I stopped what I was doing, no matter how bad some other part of me wanted to do it. My outbreaks stopped. Completely stopped. I felt such an intimacy with myself and a new level of trust in my body that I could have only dreamed of for years before. It has been 8 months now with all kinds of stresses and not a single outbreak. Best of all – no fear of one either! I no longer felt afraid of having another cancer either because if I did – my body was taking care of it. All I had to do was trust and be willing and purge away.

As of right now I am still detoxing and healing. I’m not completely there but I am on my way. My skin is 90% clear and improving by the day. My teeth are regenerating, my gums are regrowing rapidly and I have more energy than I ever have. My favorite part is I feel an unshakable trust in myself and in the wisdom of my body. I feel a deep reverence for myself and the illnesses that have been my initiations. I am going to live well into my 100’s and enjoy every single minute of it.

My direct experiences have taught me that cancers are trying to heal us, not kill us. Tumors are our body’s brilliant way of collecting all the threats in our body and consolidating it into one place so that the threat is contained – and then can be completely detoxed out of the body through the elimination channels. I now believe viruses are one of these elimination channels. On the physical level, the blister is purge in and of itself. It’s a detoxification mechanism. Viruses are something we create from within, not something we contract.

When I say I healed my herpes virus – I don’t mean I eradicated it from my body. Because we have millions of viruses in our bodies from birth as part of our micro biome. Eradication isn’t even possible and even if it was – we wouldn’t want to. It actually wouldn’t make any sense at all. Viruses activate and are disarmed. They are part of a self healing mechanism. In order to truly heal something we have to properly understand what it is.

We have to address ALL dimensions of ourselves – physical emotional and spiritual. As important as the long detox is and the rebuilding of my micro biome on the physical level has been – all of my diseases have had prominent emotional triggers. When illnesses are acknowledged as the messenger blessings that they are – they will lead us to thriving health and intimacy with ourselves on all levels. Twice now in my life I have healed the “un-healable” by changing my mind and trusting in my body. People say to me all the time when they hear my story that healing brain cancer and herpes is miraculous. I’m here to tell you that it isn’t. It is just what happens when we truly understand why we get sick and how we get better. Everything you need to heal is already inside of you – just waiting to be activated. Thriving health, joy and peace are only a shift in perspective away. Know thyself and you will be cured.

Shadow Work

All paths of sincere healing and empowerment lead you to your own wisdom and to the uniting of the wills. The cultivation of a deep intimacy with the parts of you that youve had to abandon in order to survive is the journey home to yourself. We all have protective mechanisms in place that were necessary for coping with life. These were very important for a state of survival during childhood but are now severely crippling your ability to govern yourself, navigate life’s intensities and thrive in all realms.

I specialize in helping you to disarm these outdated protections and re-frame your perspectives. This re-framing helps you to sincerely validate your pain and start to dissolve it. I help you to cultivate the ability to give to yourself all that you would like to receive from others and to meet the needs that still go unmet. You become the Sovereign Source unto yourself. Through seeing life as an initiation, we begin to see the medicine in all of our most painful experiences and turn our traumas into sources of deep wisdom and insight. What were once your greatest weaknesses become areas of mastery.

Dramatic and immediate transformation takes place through the art and science of emotional alchemy. Having a radically new response to decades-old stimulus breaks the pattern and opens millions of doors within you to create new dynamics in every aspect of your life.
I help you to welcome what would normally reject and embrace what you would normally deny. Feelings, desires, expressions, disowned aspects of yourself that have become the shadows that subconsciously drive you. Most of us have struggled because we have been wrongly encouraged to try to eradicate parts of ourselves that in truth can only be integrated. To try to “kill our egos” is to declare war on ourselves! And I can assure you that any part of you that you try to murder off will absolutely be trying to murder you right back. With gusto. 😉

A lot of us have innocently been misguided to work against ourselves and the rhythms of Nature and thus feel at the mercy of life. For example, instead of invalidating ourselves with an idea like “anger is only a secondary emotion and it is low vibe.. I should try to feel more positive etc etc” or some popular bullshit of that sort… We can choose to listen to that very real and powerful emotion as a message that your boundaries are being crossed in some way and show it deep respect and gratitude for speaking up. When we validate our own anger and hear it out, it immediately diffuses and dissolves. Taking action to honor the wisdom behind that anger builds trust in yourself. You will feel so much more confident in what you feel and seeing it as intuition. There will also be a new level of trust and respect yourself for prioritizing your own needs being met. Most of us simply didn’t have models of this perspective and have been working against ourselves for our whole lives. I often see the shadow as a dragon and the old and endless ways we have tried and failed to slay it. I help you to remember that the dragon and all of its ferocious power is in fact – you; and that you can evolve from Dragon Slayer to Dragon Rider.. You can master it in order to direct that holy fire and allow all of you to finally work in your favor. You can use even your most destructive powers for good. We need only to call these parts of us home.

By embracing every part of ourselves and showing deep reverence for the aspects that we have yet to understand, we reclaim our wholeness and set ourselves free. I can help you do this. I remind you how to journey to the wells of wisdom, peace and inspiration within you and reclaim your endless power as Creator God in human form. Everything that you need is already inside of you. You are the Sovereign Authority of yourself. You are the only one who decides who and what you are. You are the only one who decides what you are deserving, worthy and capable of. You are wise. You are powerful. You are brave and you are free.

Thank you for taking your time to read this ❤ get in touch with me directly to book. Sending lots of love and support to you all

Beginners’s Kombucha Recipe

Hi yall! I know that making your first brew can feel intimidating and that we can worry about poisoning ourselves by doing it wrong. Let me put your mind at ease and walk you through the steps to making your own brew. Once you do it the first time – you will be amazed at how easy, fun and rewarding it is! Not to worry ❤

Kombucha scoby
2 cups kombucha
1 cup Black tea
1 cup Hibiscus tea (optional)
1/2 kilo raw brown sugar (panela)
Large glass jar (preferably with a pour spout)

Brew a super strong tea (I add my tea to the cold water, bring it to a rolling boil and then turn off the heat) Add sugar and stir
Let cool completely before pouring into the jar (very important so that you do not crack your glass jar or scald your sweet little scoby – ask me how I learned this part haha)
Place scoby into the tea with clean hands
Say some kind of blessing to make a connection with your scoby
Cover lid of jar with cheesecloth or a thin fabric and tie with a string
Place in a dry place in your house where it will be undisturbed
Wait and watch the magic start to do its thing. You will see small bubbles starting to form right away
The scoby will turn the sweet tea into kombucha in about 5-7 days depending on how hot it is in your house

You can drink the kombucha like this or you can do a second fermentation to flavor and carbonate it  (my favorite!)

Second fermentation process:
Make a juice from sweet fruits and fruit jam. Blend 4 cups of juice with 1-4 tablespoons of marmalade and/or herbs/spices.
Fill a 1- liter bottle with half kombucha and half the juice and jam mixture and seal tightly. Carbonation will begin immediately and again depending on your climate – it can really bubble up in as little as a day with lots of heat or as long as 10 days if it’s cold. It’s just about personal preference at this point so you can experiment with the flavor combinations. This makes 4 one liter bottles of finished kombucha. Make sure that you leave at least 2 inches of space in the neck of the bottle to allow space for the carbonation to grow. Also make sure to let the air out of the bottles once a day to keep them from exploding, and put them in the fridge when they have reached your desired level of carbonation.

My own bias aside, everyone who has tried my kombucha tells me it is the best they have ever had. My secret is ultra aggressive sugar via fruit jam – it does something absolutely magical. Enjoy ❤
My absolute favorite combination is blueberry/peach/mango/pear juice with blueberry jam
Peach juice with peach jam or rose jam
Pear juice and rose jam
Blueberry juice and rose jam
Apple juice and blueberry jam
Apple juice and rose jam
You get the idea – its hard to go wrong here!

If you cannot find a kombucha scoby from a friend or pro, you can create your own. Just buy a bottle of kombucha and empty it except for about an inch of liquid at the bottom. You want to choose a bottle of kombucha that has a lot of sediment in the bottom of it – “the mother”. Cover the jar with some fabric and a string and wait for a gelatinous layer to form. This will be your new scoby. Make the tea extra strong and sweet to grow the scoby into full size so that it fills the large glass jar.

When you are filling your bottles with kombucha for second ferment, leave about 2 cups of kombucha in the jar with the scoby to mix in with your new sweet tea and encourage the fermentation process. Its actually more difficult to mold your scoby than you would think – unless it is actually fuzzy, its probably not mold.

I hope this is helpful and helps to make your first brew less intimidating! Im here to support you too if you have any questions