Food is Medicine

Here is an incomplete list of the herbs and super foods that I used to heal myself. Everyone is different and I truly honor each person’s individuality. Trust in the wisdom of your body. It knows exactly what you need and is always speaking to you. Listen to your body and intuition, do your research and you will find the right healing diet for you. Food is medicine!


I found that after detoxing I became much more perceptive of the intuitive messages from my body.

This is what my body asked me for:

Garlic- Cooked into everything, eaten raw, taken tincture form and in juices
Ginger- Cooked into everything, as a tea and in juices
Tumeric Root- Cooked into everything, as a tea and in juices
Burdock Root – Cooked as is, as a tea and in juices
Greens and sprouts of all kinds- Raw in salads and in everything and in juices
Juicing- Lots and lots of greens with various combinations of fruits and veggies
Beets- Cooked and juiced (dialates the liver and detoxes)
Goji Berries- eaten raw by the handful and in salads and raw desserts etc
Cacao- Raw desserts!
Coconut- In smoothies and raw desserts
Coconut water- Everyday. During my cleanse I was drinking 2-3 bottles of Coconut Water with Aloe every day
Aloe- In smoothies, juices, concentrates and in coconut water
Noni- In smoothies and taken straight in small doses and in tinctures
Lemon- All the time! In water, teas and juices
Chlorophyll in tincture form
Lots of spice and chile- My body craved this during my cleanse and there is evidence to support that it can help dissolve tumors


Speaking of medicine, I also used an amazing combination of powerful herbs specifically targeting parasites and cancer from:
Bio-Botanical Research Inc.
Powerful Herbal Medicines
Phone: 831.688.1533
They are experts and will be able to set up a protocol that is best for you.

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