Magickal Tools

Shielding, Centering & Grounding 


To Shield and protect your energy field:

Visualize intently and affirm:

“White light surrounds and protects me… Violet light surrounds and protects me… Golden light surrounds and protects me… I am safe, protected and shielded.
(I also like to add: I feel only my own emotions… I absorb only the highest vibrations of love from my environment and interactions…) 

To center and ground:

Visualize intently and affirm:

“My centering cord of white light comes down from the sky….. Entering in through my crown chakra… Centering me as it slowly moves down through my third eye… throat… heart center… solar plexus… sacral… and root chakra…. Bringing all centers into alignment as it moves down through my hips… thighs… knees… shins and calves… ankles and feet…… I feel the bottoms of my feet begin to grow roots like a tree….. Burrowing deep into the Earth… growing deeper and stronger… fanning out wider in all directions, supporting me… holding me up… and grounding me safely into the Earth plane…I am grounded and centered… And so it is.”

I have truly come to believe that these three simple visualizations/affirmations are the most powerful tools I have ever found. They were the first thing that my incredible first teacher (Laura Perez) taught me back in 2008.  I used them 100 times a day at first and they completely changed my life, immediately. I use them any time I am not fully present, conscious and aware. Any time I am not fully grounded and centered. In order to not be overwhelmed by our gifts of sensitivity, we need to shield and protect our energy fields.

Centering calms and focuses the mind and grounding brings us fully into our bodies and into the present moment. Connecting us with the support and love from Mother Earth. Being fully in our bodies also means feeling our emotions. These other mantras below can help with getting comfortable with that 🙂 These tools gain power and become more tangible with time. The more you use them, the more you will feel their power… Your power, and the power of all the forces that guide, protect and love you. I have found that every time you shift a pattern by consciously breathing and affirming these mantras of love, trust and gratitude, you create and strengthen new pathways in your brain. When you continue to re route your thoughts to these truths, the old beliefs based in fear, guilt, etc. eventually just shrivel up and fall away.

For example, I used to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks on almost a daily basis for years.  During one period, I would pass out at the end of them. I had centuries of trauma inside of me and I had absolutely no idea how to deal. I survived by coping. Numbing. Escaping. Repressing. When I began my process of allowing this trauma to surface and feeling what I had been resisting for years, the flood gates of emotion were opened. Years of anger, rage, grief, shame, guilt and fear came roaring out of me like a tidal wave. As I am such a sensitive creature, the intensity of what I felt was crippling. When I started applying these new tools, I realized that they are quite universal and innate within us. Intuitively, it just makes sense. So, when I would feel a panic attack coming on, instead of giving all of my power to the fear and literally leaving my body (hence the fainting) to get relief.. I would embrace it. Breathe into it. Repeat over and over again “I am safe and protected. It’s safe to be in my body. Its safe to feel these feelings. Its safe to feel this fear.” As I was affirming this with every ounce of strength I can invoke, I am grounding this fear/panic out of my body through the roots growing from the bottoms of my feet. Pushing it down into the earth directly using the breath and fierce intention. The way I have always seen it is as if my spirit is coming further and further into my body and connecting with the feelings and then grounding them out, as opposed to letting the fear rise up, take over and push my spirit out of the top of my head… Does that make sense? So with practice, I stopped passing out.. and then I stopped going into full-blown attacks… and then I stopped having attacks at all… And then I stopped feeling anxious entirely. Incredible. Such a blessing.

As we strengthen this tool, we are able to get to a place where we can do the entire meditation (shielding with light, centering with white light through each chakra, and grounding out with roots that grow to the center of Mother Earth) with your mind completely present, never wandering. The more present and focused you are during the meditation, the more power and strength it has.  At first, your mind will seem to wander every few seconds.  Just take a deep breath and start over. Be patient and compassionate with yourself. You are re-programming your brain and clearing cellular memory with every conscious breath. For the chakra related mantras, please feel free to reword them and recreate them to your deepest resonance. Take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. Love and blessings!

My experience of the Chakras and the mantras that restore harmony to them

Root Chakra

Located at base of spine

Safety, Existence, Survival and Security


Is it safe to be in my body? Do I have the right to exist? Am I wanted? Do I feel nurtured and supported? Do I feel safe with my family? Do I feel safe to trust? Do I feel safe to let go of being in control?

Emotions stored here are fear and anger ( fight, flight or freeze impulse)

Mantras to balance this center:

*I am safe and protected.
*It is safe to be in my body.
*It is safe for me to trust.
*I trust in the wisdom of my body.
*It is safe for me to let go of being in control.
* I honor and respect the power of my fear.
*I honor and respect the power of my anxiety.
* I honor and respect the power of my rage.

I bless and release all fear.
I bless and release all anger.
I have the right to exist.
I always have enough. As I need more, I have more.
I am supported by life in every way.
I am protected, guided and supported by the highest powers of Love.
Divine Love surrounds and protects me.

Sacral Chakra
Located at navel

Emotions and Sexuality


Is it safe for me to feel my feelings? Is it safe for me to express my emotions? How do I express them? Do I reject or embrace them? Is it safe to cry? Do I have the right to feel?

Do I feel safe in my sexuality? Is my sexuality sacred? Is it pleasurable or painful? Does it feel shameful or healing/empowering?

The emotion stored here is shame, but in general this is a holding place for all unexpressed emotion. All sexual abuse and trauma are also heavily carried in this center.

Mantras to balance:

*It is safe for me to feel.
*I have the right to feel.
*It is safe for me to be vulnerable.
* I honor and respect the power of my shame
* I honor and respect the power of my overwhelm

I bless and release all shame.
I bless and release all unexpressed emotions.
It is safe for me to embrace and honor my feelings.
It is safe for me to express my emotions.
I breathe into all. Embracing and allowing.
I embrace all of my feelings and allow them to pass right through me.
It is safe to feel this fear, anxiety, panic etc.
The only way out is through and it is safe to feel all of it.
All of my emotions are valid and sacred.
My sensitivity is a gift.
I embrace my sexuality and express it from a place of love and respect.
My sexuality and pleasure are sacred.

Solar Plexus
Located under ribcage

Power, Will, Boundaries and Identity


Emotion stored here is guilt. We also store unhealthy attachments here in the form of etheric cords.

Right use of power and conscious expression of will. Do I have the right to feel powerful? Do I express my power from a place of love and respect? Do I express my power with integrity in a direct and transparent way? Do I manipulate others either passively or aggressively? Do I have the right to draw clear boundaries? Do I have the right to say no? Do I have the right to end toxic relationships? What are my beliefs around who I am? Who and what do I give my power away to?

Mantras to balance:

I bless and release all guilt.
*I reclaim my power.
*I have the right to say no.
*I have the right to draw healthy boundaries in my life wherever I see fit.
*I have the right to change my mind.
*I have the right to sever with all energy that is toxic for me.
(All of these can end with: Without feeling guilty and without explaining myself)
*I am my own authority.
*I am wise. I am powerful. I am brave. I am free.
*I honor and respect the power of my guilt.

I sever, bless and release all etheric cord attachments.
I bless and release all energy that keeps me from standing fully in my power, embracing my gifts and shining my light with confidence and humility.
I express my power and will with the highest integrity.
I express my power in a direct and transparent way.
I respect and honor myself.

Heart Center
Located in the chest

Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Acceptance


Emotion stored here is judgement and criticism of self and others, self contempt, resentment, hatred, sadness and grief.

Am I deserving of love? Patience? Compassion? Kindness? Forgiveness? Am I deserving of abundance, support and blessings? Am I capable of forgiving others? Do I allow myself to give and receive freely? Is it safe to receive?

Mantras to balance:
*It is safe for me to receive.
*I am deserving of ALL love and compassion and I allow myself to receive.
*I am deserving of all kindness and I allow myself to receive.
*I am deserving of all gentleness and I allow myself to receive.
*I am deserving of all patience and I allow myself to receive.
*I am deserving of all abundance and I allow myself to receive.
*I am deserving of all support, healing, blessings etc and I allow myself to receive.
*I honor and respect the power of my grief, resentment, pain etc

I forgive myself.
I allow myself to receive forgiveness from others.
I forgive all who have hurt me, consciously or unconsciously.
I accept myself.
I approve of myself.
I love myself unconditionally.
I find all of the acceptance and approval that I need from within myself.
I bless and release all grief.
I bless and release all resentment of others and myself.
I bless and release all hatred. judgment. unforgiveness. etc

Throat Chakra
Turquoise blue
Located in throat and neck

Self expression, creativity, communication between body and mind, communication with others, listening, speaking your truth


Unspoken truth, unexpressed feelings and creative energy are stored here

Mantras to balance:

*I have the right to speak and be heard.
*I speak my truth from a place of love and respect.
*It is safe for me to speak my truth.
I have the right to express my feelings and emotions.
It is safe for me to speak my truth and express my feelings.

Third Eye Chakra
Indigo Blue
Located in forehead between/just above the physical eyes

Clarity, Intuition, Psychic gifts, self trust, acceptance of what is

brow-chakra (1)

Self doubt and resistance are stored here.

Mantras to balance:

*I bless and release all resistance to what is, what has been and to what may come to pass.
*I accept what is.
*I trust my intuition and honor its messages.
*I trust myself.
*It is safe for me to see my truth with clarity.
I bless and release all self doubt.
I listen within for guidance.
I trust in my Divine Guidance.

Crown Chakra
Located in the top of the head
Divinity, Trust, Surrender, Wisdom, Healing, Gratitude and Higher Self


Doubt in Divine forces or your connection to them. Doubt in your own Divine nature. Feeling alone and unfulfilled. Lack of spiritual practice and spiritual nurturing will shut this center down.
Remembering connection with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angelics, Medicine Animals and all other helping spirits. Conscious awareness of the truth of our Divine and infinite nature. Conscious awareness of our constant Divine guidance and support. Any practice of gratitude unlocks this chakra: even just saying “thank you” to the universe, worship, devotion, prayer, meditation, ritual, yoga, tantra etc.

Mantras to balance:
I trust in Life/Spirit/God/Universe.
I surrender all my burdens/suffering/healing to the Divine.
All is unfolding for my highest good and deepest healing.
Every step of my path is Divinely guided.
I am guided and supported by the highest powers of love.
I honor and respect the power of my light and of my darkness. All are God.
I invoke my highest self.
I accept. I trust. I surrender. I allow.
I am love. I am trust. I am gratitude.
Healing, Love, Trust and Gratitude


6 Comments on “Magickal Tools

  1. This is fantastic. So many blessings you..The Universe brought me here to know these truths! Thank you for sharing this so I could stumble across it when I needed it! Walk in Peace💜

  2. these are wonderful. Thank you for sharing with such generosity ❤

  3. Blessings and love to you.
    I don’t know where to start. I’ll say that in my process to recovery I’ve learned a lot to a point that sometimes it feels as if any help is beyond me and coming across this reminds me that its all universal. There’s fear and there’s peace. And if you fainted from panic attacks and recovered, I haven’t fainted so maybe there is hope for me. I can’t thank you enough. Bless your soul.

  4. I asked and i received. Exactly what i needed right now. Thank you! 🤍🤍🤍

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