Initiations & Mentoring

Initiations & Private Mentoring

Personal healing intensive

I take you through a guided journey of 6 – 12 months to start. This process addresses all aspects of your personal journey into becoming the sovereign authority of yourself. Inner child healing, shadow integration and erotic empowerment.

Private mentoring for healers

For those looking to embrace their sacred gifts and to expand in their service to Spirit and to our Planet. I offer a unique Initiation and supported journey into awakening your sacred gifts and developing your sensitivities for folks who want to build their own healing practices.

I give you an initiation to open you up and help connect you with your own sacred gifts, your guiding spirits and all of the forces that work through me and our lineage of Sovereignty… Perspectives, concepts, tools, invocations, prayers and rituals that I have been practicing for the last 12 years. This training will provide you with everything you need to begin to practice healing on yourself and others safely – using an outline to allow your own personal medicine to unfold.

I am now taking on new clients remotely online. Get in touch with me for more information about this process.

Single sessions are $500USD

I offer a lower sliding scale of $200-300 per session to those who cannot afford this rate and want to book more than one session per month. Write to me directly to book at

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