Initiations & Mentoring

Initiations & Mentoring


I offer a unique Initiation and supported journey into awakening your sacred gifts and developing your sensitivities. Private mentoring is the most effective and powerful way to experience this work.  I am now taking on new clients in person if you are able to come to Peru or remotely online. Get in touch with me for more information about this process.


 I am not holding open workshops at this time but I am available for lectures, classes and facilitating personalized workshops for your retreat groups and courses.

1 Day Energy Medicine and Healing Magic Workshop

For those looking to embrace their sacred gifts and to expand in their service to Spirit and to our Planet.

I will be sharing an initiation to connect you with your own sacred gifts, your guiding spirits and all of the forces that work through me… Perspectives, concepts, tools, invocations, prayers and rituals that I have been practicing for the last 7 years. This workshop will provide you with everything you need to begin to practice healing with yourself and others safely – using an outline to allow your own personal medicine to unfold. We will be incorporating the use of our hands, voices, crystals, feathers, sound healing bowls and sacred smoke.

All workshops are from 10am to 6pm at my house in Taray, Peru. Lunch will be included.  Sliding scale ❤           Love & Gratitude ❤

1 Day Sexual Trauma Healing Intensive

This workshop is perfect for people looking for support, tools and practices to heal from sexual abuse in their own journeys and for all therapists and healers that feel called to deepen their understanding of this process. We will also be exploring Tantra as a path of healing and a way to embody sacred sexuality. This will be a profoundly deep sharing held within the safest and most sacred of spaces.


It was truly lovely, lovely, lovely! I can recommend this workshop to every person who would like to learn more about healing work. Meridith is transparent, honest and gives you all that she can give you. Empowering!”
– Irene from Holland

“Thank you Meredith… Thank you for such generosity, transparency, clarity. So precious! I look forward to diving deeper into the magic. Blessings. Much love and respect.”
– Aline from France

Beautiful Beauty Meredith! Thank you for the gift that is you! Your presence, intention and strength made this workshop so so special. I feel very blessed to have shared this wonderful day with such a vibrant community of sisters and of course mi amor Amar Dhall. Big hug and kiss, and look forward to catching up soon xx”
-Odette from Australia

It was a beautiful experience! Thank you for holding such a beautiful space.
– Amar from Australia

“Hola, Beloveds. I’m writing to recommend Meredith’s Shippam’s Energy Medicine and Healing Magic Workshop. I was one of the eight who were blessed to join the first one, and to start learning the medicinal protocols and tools that Meredith uses, as she took us through her entire process of shielding, centering and grounding, then chakra clearing and balancing. Meredith is a master of her craft, delivers it clearly, simply, and without dogma, and encourages each one’s intuition and creativity in working with the divine intelligence of the body. A sure sign of an excellent workshop is the perfect group of open and generous personalities who came to do this first one. I look forward to doing the advanced workshop when I can, and heartily recommend Meredith’s teaching to those who want to find out just how much magic they have in them.”
– Dan from USA

“Thank you dear Meredith for sharing your profound healing medicine gifts with us, with such grace, clarity, insight, honesty and Heart. I feel honoured to journey with you Sister Priestess, and blessed to have been part of your first workshop, sharing with such beautiful souls. AHO! to purposeful weaving of our sacred heart magic! Yes, it is just the beginning! Xx”
– Danni from Australia

“SUCH an inspiring day! Meredith you are an inspiration. Am looking forward to level 2 when you create it:) xxxx”
– Willow from Australia

“Thank you so very much for opening up your heart and your home to us. You are amazing SiStar. I am honored to be with you in this life. Much love x”
– Angel Jade from Australia

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