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My Rite of Passage through Kidney Stones

So – I spoke much too soon a couple weeks ago when I said I was done with the stones. I am still attempting to pass what feels like a very large stone in my right side that is intent on taking it’s sweet… Continue Reading “My Rite of Passage through Kidney Stones”

Jungle Medicine: Kambo

I am inspired to share my experience because it was such a profound humbling and a reminder of how the plants (and frogs) teach us about surrender. About embracing pain instead of trying to escape it. About truly and sincerely letting go of being in control.

Chakra Healing

My experience of the Chakras Root Chakra Red Located at base of spine Safety, Existance, Survival and Security Is my body a safe place? Is this world a safe place? Do I have the right to exist? Do I have the right to have… Continue Reading “Chakra Healing”

Centering, Grounding & Shielding Meditation

To Shield and protect your energy field: Visualize intently and affirm: “White light surrounds and protects me. Violet light surrounds and protects me. Golden light surrounds and protects me. (You can also add here: I feel only my own emotions. I absorb only the… Continue Reading “Centering, Grounding & Shielding Meditation”